Let It Glow: Creative Ways to Use LED Strip Lights in Your Interior

Now that the holidays are over, don’t you kinda miss the soft, romantic glow of your Christmas lights? If you ask me, it’s quite a pity that our homes only get to sparkle for a few weeks a year. Luckily, for those of us who want to make their living spaces feel extra special all year round, there are always LED strip lights.

LED strip lights

But besides adding a subtle glow to your home, LED strip lights are also thin and flexible which allows them to fit in places where traditional lighting can’t. And just like Christmas lights, LED strip lights for sale are also available in a variety of impressive colours which you can use to add some drama to your existing décor. If you are wondering how you can make creative use of these unique lights, here are some wonderful ideas for every room of the home.

Showcase the Features in Your Living Room

The fact that LED strip lights for sale are flexible and can be cut to any desired length allows you to use them for highlighting different elements and architectural features in your living room. For instance, you can attach LED strip lights under wall shelves or a TV unit. This is an easy way to add an unusual decorative accent in your living room. What’s more, if your living room has crown moulding on the walls or the ceiling, you can create ambient lighting by concealing LED strip lights within it. This helps create a diffused effect which gives the room a luxurious feel while also being easy on the eyes.

Illuminate Your Kitchen with Under-cabinet Lighting

Do you know that LED strip lights are just the perfect size to fit under your kitchen cabinets? Lighting up your kitchen cabinets is the best way to give the kitchen a decorative edge. What’s more, these lights can also serve as ideal task lighting for when you need extra visibility to prepare meals on the counter. Besides being stylish and able to fit in the small space under the cabinets, what makes LED light strips the best option for the kitchen is that they can withstand the high levels of moisture.

Light Up Your Bathroom Mirror

Another great place to use LED strip lights is the bathroom, particularly the bathroom mirror and vanity. Not only does it create the effect of an expensive hotel room bathroom, but a mirror surrounded by strip lights can be very practical. The additional illumination allows you to have more visibility for applying your makeup or other grooming rituals, kind of like a professional beauty salon mirror.

Preserve the Serenity in Your Bedroom

LED light strips are quite popular as additional lighting in the bedroom due to the soft and comfortable glow they produce. By highlighting your bedroom with these lights you can make sure your relaxation haven is stylishly on-point but never too bright to disturb your sleep. What’s more, you can even make practical use of strip lights by lining the insides of your closets with them. This way, you won’t need to turn on the light and disturb your partner when you need to retrieve something from the closet.