Let the Good Times Roll with Bar Carts: Entertain Guests In Style

If you love entertaining your guests in style, then a bar cart is an essential piece of furniture you need to consider. Although it was previously used as a staple home element by middle-class families in Britain, it gradually became quite popular, and nowadays many restaurants and homeowners find it useful. So, if you’re looking for a bar cart to wow your guests at an upcoming cocktail party, here’s what to pay attention to.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bar Cart

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Choose a Design That Suits Your Style and Space

Bar carts can be found in a wide range of styles today, from antique and rustic to more sophisticated modern ones. The antique or vintage ones come in some very interesting eye-catching designs and can be made from a wide range of materials, including metal, brass, wood, etc. When it comes to the price, they are more expensive than the modern ones and you may end up spending thousands of dollars for a piece. 

On the other hand, you can find modern drink cart designs that feature shining finishes, minibars, cabinets, and even some boho themes. To make the best decision it’s always best to take into consideration the rest of your interior decor. For instance, a gold bar cart wouldn’t look nice in a place amongst country and rustic-inspired interior. Same, if you are hosting a cocktail party in your outdoor garden space, you may want to consider investing in an outdoor drinks cart. 

That said, you will probably need to ask yourself whether you are more inclined towards a specific vintage look or you prefer a modern one? Well, answering these two questions should point you in the right direction, as this way you can avoid buying a drink trolley that will look totally out of place in your home decor.

Consider Shape and Size

Most types of modern trolleys feature a square sleek and refined look with an industrial-inspired design. Others can be found in an amazing rounded design with shelves and space available for all your favourite wines. Most of them also come with removable trays, so you can easily make the bar cart look smaller by removing the top or bottom tray. 

The shape you choose will ultimately affect how much space the cart will take up. Therefore, picking the right shape for your space is of major importance. For this, you need to consider your drink’s collection and reason out whether the size you choose can offer enough space for displaying your beverages and decorations.

Pay Attention to Price

So far we mentioned some of the most important factors that can constitute the final price which include the choice of material you choose, your preferred cart design, and appropriate sizing. As different materials differ in their prices it is reasonable that this aspect can affect the price of the cart as well. Also, some designs are more intricate than others which additionally adds to the final cost. As we already mentioned, vintage pieces generally fall under the more expensive category in comparison to modern ones. 

Some of the Best Bar Carts on The Market

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Now that we went through the important features you need to look out for when buying a beverage cart, let’s have a look at some of the best bar cart designs on the market. 

The Imola Outdoor Bar Cart

If you are looking for a teak patio feature that is of top quality the Imola outdoor bar trolley is the right one for your needs. It features a handle made from environmentally friendly plantation grade and a durable powder-coated aluminium terracotta frame. The size and light weight of this drink cart make it very convenient to move around. 

It features 78.5 cm in width, 50cm in-depth, and 82 cm in height. The precisely cut teak is finished off with hand sanding by skilful craftsmen for a very smooth feel which makes It the perfect bar cart for delivering your full array of refreshments, snacks, and bar equipment directly to your guests.

The Nathan James Bar Cart

If you are someone who prefers the minimalist style, the Nathan James cart is the right option for you. This trolley has a sleek, simple look and is finished in matte black. It measures 60cm in-depth, 43 widths, and 80 cm height. Moreover, it comes with two tiers, one made from tempered glass and the other one from wood, which can hold up to 10 bottles. Besides, this carter model comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that you buy a high-quality design that will last you a lifetime. 

The Bali Natural Rattan Cart

The Bali Natural Rattan drink trolley features a curved silhouette with two woven rattan shelves which are perfect for balancing your drinks and offer plenty of storage space. This natural rattan cart is woven with lightly-stained sustainable bamboo wood, for vintage-inspired pieces that will create a bohemian statement in your home. It has been handcrafted by Indonesian artisans who completed its wheels in a gold finish that will certainly wow your guests at every party.