Magnifier Lamp: The Essential Tool as Your Advanced Eyesight

magnifier lamp

The human body is complex, there’s no doubt about it, but there are certain things and aspects that haven’t been developed to the extent they could or should have. We have our deficiencies, but we’ve learnt how to make up for the deficits through ingenious tools and devices. Such is the case also with our lack of ability to have a vision that can zoom in and out in great amounts. When you work in the field of technological developments, designing microchips, fixing electronics, jewellery and watch repair, embroidery, or even crafts and hobbies that require going into details, you might easily get eyestrain and vision fatigue making it impossible to continue with your tasks unless for a long break. When your profession depends on it, your productivity and profits also depend on it and this is where tools come in handy.

Roger Bacon, known as Doctor Mirabilis, invented the first magnifying glass in 1250 and it set the grounds for the microscope, though ancient peoples of Egypt are also known to have used crystals to magnify objects. Though we need magnifying glasses for duty, we could make use of them during our hobbies as well, during reading for instance. People with eyesight issues, such as hyperopia, find even simple tasks as nail trimming difficult, so the use of a tool is more than helpful. Nowadays, with the use of technology, the design of magnifying glasses has been taken up a notch to make it all the more advantageous and you can find the magnifier lamp products, the combination of magnifying with good lighting, suitable for your requirements.

Unlike with older models, latest magnifier lamps have LED instead of fluorescent lights. Not only do they provide more brightness during a longer period, but they are also safer because they don’t use up as much energy thus they don’t produce heat so they provide the proper lighting immediately. There is also a difference concerning the lens of the lamp, certain have 3 lens diopter whereas others have 5. Those with 3 magnify an object 175%, and objects seen through the 5 diopter are 225% magnified. The lens decreases when the diopter increases. Depending on where you intend to place them and the kind of desk you have, these lamps differ in style. Most common models are desktop or desktop with a clamp so they can easily be attached to a workbench, desk or table, but if it’s more mobility you’re after, then consider buying rolling floor base to give you the chance to move the lamp anywhere you want.

This is more than an investment to make since it’s going to serve you for years to come, so don’t be afraid of going after quality. Take care of the lamp, do the needed maintenance every now and then and keep the lens covered when not in use to avoid sun exposure and fire. Enjoy your advanced eyesight!