How to Make a Guest Room Warm and Welcoming

One of the first things we do whenever we visit a place is seeking comfort, as it’s the main component that makes us feel at home. This is the first and foremost starting point you should have in mind when decorating a guest room, or turning any room into one. Spending time over at someone else’s home means being at the disposal of sleeping over there too, and the first thing that would make you feel like staying over at a five star hotel is the bed. Even if you don’t feel like your budget allows for grand changes, the one thing you should invest in is the bed.


A couch may seem like the cheaper option, as it’s perfect used as a seating and sleeping option, however you can’t go wrong by choosing the single bed. Single beds, and single mattresses for sale in Australian standards come in the size of 92cm x 188cm and the fact they can be found in a variety of types, from pocket spring, memory foam, orthopaedic pillowtop and latex among others, with hypoallergenic and thermoregulation characteristics shows their superiority over couches and sofas.

Once you’ve made your choice of single beds and single mattresses for sale, have in mind comfort means it’s all in the details too. A place can be warm and welcoming when you leave something special on the pillow or bed, in the likes of chocolates, perfumes, or cosmetics you know your guests are fond of. Speaking of perfumes and cosmetics, another step in creating guest comfort is making sure you’ve assembled the perfect bathroom kit, starting from the toilet papers, blow dryer, the toiletries, shower caps, towels and bathrobes, and the additional band-aids and painkillers.

Not knowing the size of luggage your guests would carry with them, you can never have enough drawers and storage. Along with getting the adequate side tables, and if space allows it – desk, you can give the ottoman a chance. While it can serve as extra seat, it’s also perfect for footrest, table when adding a tray, and storage. Don’t forget to include a plant or two, as plants can liven up the space and help maintain its air clean, as some are known as air purifiers. Add some pieces of art you adore to give the room a personal touch, and count on pillows, cushions and bedding for some colour and pattern to brighten up the area.

You can finish the preparation for making your guests feel at home by adding a heartfelt note on the bed and you can be sure the outcome would be more than perfect. You’d be the host not many can outmatch.