What Makes Replicas More Chic Than the Genuinely Antique


You know that famous quotes that says: When life gives you lemons make a lemonade? Well what I am about to say is a bit similar to it, somewhere along the line. When life gives you a desire for antiques, but not the budget to go with it, there’s only one way to reply to life – with replicas!

Darn the social media, but bless them too… A few years ago I got into posting pictures of my home on Instagram, but very soon after a few posts, I realized how far behind I am compared to other accounts. Namely, since I’d mostly follow and post all thing concerning beautiful vintage and classical interior, actually owning antique pieces was something that arose as a necessity. My old piano was the only thing that could qualify for this type of photography. “Qualify” – as I pondered on the notion of this world, I quickly made up my mind and decided to find the perfect middle ground.

So that’s how I began my quest for a store that offers quality replica furniture at affordable prices and I soon realized there are so many stores with amazing products, both online and offline, so such pieces weren’t difficult to find, as opposed to buying antique pieces – a task that can potentially take up a few years and includes having to visit lots of antique sales and auctions. There’s no need to pay a small (or not so small) fortune of genuinely antique pieces, when replicas are not only more affordable, but also, thanks to today’s technology, they even make them to last longer. So in the end, when breaking the bank in order to get an antique, one is actually paying for the scarcity of the product, nothing more, cause all else can be achieved with replicas.

Not only did I fill my Instagram account with beautiful images after purchasing my replica tables but I also turned my house into a true home for a pianist. The piano itself now has a lot more soul when I dwells in the company of two gorgeous replica tables. So, to all of you looking to add the charm of the eras gone-by in the smartest way possible finance wise, I recommend replica furniture. What’s more, since it’s got the old-fashioned appeal and it can last lifetimes, this type of furniture is actually referred to as”the antiques of the future” by many eminent interior designers. Well, who am I to state otherwise? (chuckles).