Men’s Golf Attire: How to Dress Properly for the Course

Golf has a history of being connected to affluence and royalty. That is one of the reasons why taking part in this game still carries a certain air of formality, even in today’s world. This can be best seen in the clothing that people choose to wear when playing.

The majority of golf courses and clubs in Australia have dress codes that must be adhered to. Thus, it’s great to know the fundamental rules of dress etiquette that you should never break. So, whether you’re here to impress your buddies or simply enjoy a round of golf in style, let’s make sure you’re looking sharp and feeling great out there.

Men’s Golf Shirts

Men's Golf Shirt

While different courses all have different dress codes, there’s one thing they all frown upon: wearing a regular T-shirt as though you’re going to kick some ball with your friends. Guys may all dress in different types of clothes to the court, but one piece is a mainstay in any golfer’s wardrobe and that is the recognisable golf shirt. Just imagine a bunch of people playing golf. What are they wearing? What is the first image that pops into your mind? Yes, that’s right. They’re all wearing a type of polo shirt.

The iconic men’s golf shirts with collars are the most important elements of golfing attire which all clubs and courses require people to wear. When compared to a conventional polo shirt, golf polos feel more refined and high-quality, which is one characteristic that sets them apart. This is a result of the use of elaborately woven materials, which are often cotton, cotton blends, or polyester-based, which are treated through a process called mercerisation.

This procedure is intended to increase the fibres’ toughness and guarantee colour retention even after prolonged use. It also helps make sure the cloth retains its integrity and adaptability, especially for climate fluctuations.

Some other noticeable characteristics of men’s golf shirts are their lightweight feel compared to standard cotton-made polos, breathable design and UV protection. All of these features come together to ensure they player always looks and feels good when on the green.


Men's Golf Pants

Jeans are a big no-no for most clubs and courses. In case you don’t know whether the particular club or course you’re going to play in allows jeans or not, it’s best to avoid wearing them. Additionally, they are tight and unbreathable and may make you uncomfortable when playing all day under the Australian sun.

That said, one practical and stylish option for the course is a pair of chinos. Just make sure they are roughly knee-length as there-quarter shorts aren’t usually allowed. Some courses also prohibit wearing drawstring shorts, so make sure to wear pieces that have belt loops and put on a belt.

When it comes to colours, the safest option are neutrals. White, beige, khaki, gray and black are all choices you can’t go wrong with. But as you establish yourself as part of the community, you can even advance to more lively colours such as blue or pink.


What you wear on your feet is just as important. Most clubs in Australia require that you wear shoes with soft spikes. Soft-spike golf shoes will help with your performance since they are designed to improve traction. However, avoid shoes with metal spikes as the golf club may ask you to leave.

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to invest in a pair of golf shoes yet, you can wear regular sneakers. Just make sure that they don’t have heels that can leave marks on the grass.



Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are not required by clubs, although the majority of golfers find them to be quite helpful. A quality glove will help if your hands are sweaty or there is a light drizzle, especially when driving. However, most take their gloves off during putting and chipping.

Nonetheless, even if they are optional, if you play for a long enough period of time, you will eventually require gloves. The goal is to select the appropriate size while bearing one thing in mind. You must choose the right size for your own hands because they are not universal.


Since golf is a game played almost exclusively in the sun, sun protection is crucial. Baseball caps and visors are popular among men, although straw hats, bucket hats, and beanies are all appropriate (if the weather permits).

Just remember to leave your fedoras and cowboy hats at home, and remove your hat before entering an enclosed space. Caps must also always be worn facing forwards.

To Sum Up

And that’s pretty much all there is to know about golf clothing for men. Some of the pieces might even be in your wardrobe right now. So, all that’s left to do is head out onto the course and enjoy yourself once you’ve got everything you need.