Revolutionary Modern Planters to Reunite You with Your Gardening Self

Whatever your excuses for the fact that you haven’t created a small flowery piece of paradise in your home yet may be, with today’s innovations in the world of gardening, they are no longer valid. If busy work schedule, travelling or even the fact that you have a black thumb stand on your way of bringing a dose of colourful happiness in your home, here’s the good news – self-watering planters! And not just any old fashioned box full of soil, but modern planters that will instantly add a dose of uniqueness and charm in your home décor. And their benefits do not stop here; once you get familiar with these unique pieces of gardening equipment, you’ll want more of them. And for a reason.



A pop of colour

Whatever the colour scheme in your interior or exterior design may be, you can rest assured there is a self-watering pot that will perfectly complement it. Moreover, if your décor is leaning towards more neutral colours, it would be an interior design crime to go with a planter that screams of colours. In this case, you can always go with the fancier option and look for white planters for sale. Yes, they look pretty sophisticated and expensive, but the trick to get a good deal is to find a reliable retailer which offers high quality products that come at affordable prices. Read on to find out even more benefits of white planters for sale or any planter solutions for that matter.

Retains nutrients

If you have used typical plant containers you know that the soil nutrients slowly diffuse out together with the water molecules; this is the main reason why you need to occasionally add organic matters to keep the nutrients level in the soil steady. With self-watering planters it is quite the opposite; they help keep the nutrients into the soil which results in your plants healthy thriving.

Proper watering

Another thing you should beware of, is shallow root watering. The root is the most important organ of any plant as through it the plant gets the nutrients and the water it needs in order to grow healthy. With self-watering containers you will not have to worry whether they have the sufficient amount of water; your plants will have access to water whenever they need it.