Motorcycle: Two Wheeled Friend Bringing Adventures in Your Life

Sometimes in life things don’t always go as we imagine they’d go, and we learn how to get used to such changes. Going with the flow is wisdom in its own, and though it might not be exactly according to a set schedule, it ends up working out just perfectly better than expected, as it happened in my case. As soon as I moved to a new place and saved enough for a car, life had another thing in store for me, so instead of a car I ended up with a motorcycle, my very own Honda, and I didn’t see it coming but it turned out to be the best friend I wasn’t planning on.

Honda Motorcycle

Having actually spent more than I should have, wasting the car money, didn’t turn out to be so bad after all since it got me hooked on Hondas. I got to know all about the brand of these divine vehicles, facts like motorcycles preceding cars with the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. that was established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda who developed the two cycle motorcycle engines. Hanging out with my two wheeled best friend has taught me how to appreciate life more and be happy with whatever it has to offer me, learning how to enjoy every present moment. It’s also taught me how to be responsible and take safety seriously, registering the motorcycle and turning frequent check-ups into a habit and maintenance with the reliable Honda service kits. This responsibility has become an integral part of my lifestyle as a whole.

As it’s said prevention is the best medicine, so though at first I wasn’t that keen on doing the necessary maintenance and repairs as often as needed, I realised I have more to lose by skipping on this kind of chores and even put my life at risk – something all beginners forget by giving precedence to having more rides as possible than spending time on check-ups first. Usually my maintenance consists of assuring the breaks and wheels are in perfect order as well using Honda service kits for all the bits and pieces of the engine – checking if there’s proper lubrication with the needed engine oil, the spark plug’s condition as the main link to the engine’s performance preventing misfires from happening during acceleration, and the air filter condition for fresh clean air needed for optimal engine performance.

Thanks to making motorcycle adventures part of my life, I’ve also gotten to know myself better and discover sides of me I didn’t know I had, such as having a knack for motorcycle repairs and the adventures on the road turned me into a better explorer, so I’m glad I ended up with a motorcycle. If you feel like your life could do with some more adventures and you want to make the most of it, then get yourself a motorcycle.