Must-have army gear for military aficionados

Army gear has proven quality and popularity that has endured for a very long time. It’s a type of gear that all aficionados are always glad to snatch up, because few types of gear can compare with tactical gear. That’s because tactical clothing is meant to endure even the harshest of weather, and because of that, it will require very little maintenance. With that said, there are a few pieces of army field gear that are definitely a must-have.

Garmont Combat Boots

Without a doubt, footwear is the most important piece of clothing and equipment a person can get. Garmont’s combat boots are a type of gear that you will definitely wear for a very long time. Almost all tactical gear equipment is meant to last, but Garmont’s boots go above and beyond in that regard. They are meant to last a lifetime, and their specific fit leaves a little bit of room for your toes, meaning you’ll have just enough breathing room without it feeling loose. The soles are excellent, as well, and you’ll easily see great traction on any type of terrain, and you’ll be able to easily change the direction in which you’re heading without actually slipping.
Garmont Combat Boots

Paracord Bracelet

One of the main points of field gear is to be able to deal with practically any situation all on your own in the wild. That’s the whole point of this bracelet, as it includes a few pieces of gear that will be useful in unlikely situations. That includes a whistle and striker, which are things you don’t want to be without when you’re out in nature. An emergency whistle is also included, which can be useful in a pinch, as well as a button compass, a piece of equipment that no field excursion should be without.
paracord survival bracelet

Leatherman Multi-Tool

If you’re looking for a multi-tool to bring to your excursions, there is no better choice than Leatherman. Many of their tools have withstood the test of time and are now fan favourites, such as the incredibly famous Leatherman Wave. These tools are often likened to Swiss Army Knives, but in many situations, Leatherman tools are much more useful. They’re also made out of stainless steel and are incredibly durable.
leatherman multitool

Patrol Sleeping Bag

If there’s one place where you’d want to feel safe and secure, that’s the place you’re sleeping. In this case, that would be a sleeping bag, and the Patrol Sleeping Bags are without a doubt some of the finest on the market. They have a 2000mm water head rating, which is quite significant, and they even have a reinforced oxford inner for boots. You can also rest assured that these sleeping bags are medically safe and sound because they have an anti-bacterial foil mesh liner with a microfiber fill. It’s also a relatively light sleeping bag, as it’s barely over a kilogramme in weight, so it’ll be quite easy to carry.
Patrol Sleeping Bag

A Good Knife

Multi-tools are amazing to have, but they don’t always compare to a good blade. Combat knives are a piece of combat gear that see widespread use in many fields outside of combat. There are countless good knives to choose from, but which one is ideal for you depends on what you plan on using it for. It’s quite obvious that you can’t expect every knife to be great at everything. If you need a serrated blade, then you can’t go wrong with a Gerber Order. A Buck General All-Purpose knife is generally great for everything, while for hunting you should consider Buck Bantam blades.

Blueye Ballistic Glasses

If you’re planning on going on an excursion, then you’ll most likely want to have a good pair of sunglasses that will not only offer great protection but also look stylish. Blueye’s Ballistic Glasses are arguably the ultimate choice, as the protection they offer is unparalleled. Their frames are constructed from high-impact resistance grilamid with 100% UVA, UVB smoke coloured lens. They are also great in pretty much all situations, whether in the field, or firing range, or even everyday life. They are very sturdy and feel immaculately on the face.

Caribee Combat Backpack

There is no tactical gear equipment setup without a good backpack. This backpack is definitely heavy-duty, and it has several dedicated compartments that provide a large amount of storage space. The Caribee Combat Backpack is also quite stable, as it has a sternum strap for extra stability. It also features an external QR compression system and several webbing attachment points. Backpacks are definitely very important when it comes to military field gear, so you should make sure that the backpack you’ve chosen has a lot of useful features as the Caribee Combat Backpack does.
Caribee Combat Backpack

Military gear has a great reputation. That means picking and choosing the right gear for you is definitely going to be tricky, but reading up on which pieces of gear have the most appeal to you is definitely the right choice. There are so many types and pieces of gear to choose from, but that is a good thing in the end because you’ll have a wide range of quality products to choose from.