All You Need to Make Camping Feel Homey Indeed

If there’s something I hate from the bottom of my heart, it would be a half-finished job, or something done only for the sake of saying it’s been done. Like owning a camper van and saying you’ve been camping a countless number of times, when all you’ve ever really done is just hop in the van and drive to a beautiful site, make a barbecue for the day and drive back home. Or maybe you’ve gone a little bit beyond your comfort zone and spent the night under a tent, while all the little rocks and the sticks on the ground made your sleep everything but comfortable. No wonder you’ve come back home all tired, nervous, with a severe back pain and a question troubling your mind: is camping suppose to be that painfully hard? That’s not camping, my friend.


What camping is all about

A common misconception is that camping is a tough experience that requires a lot of energy, physical endurance and a lot of patience and all that is because you’d be in a forest, or on a camping site far from conditions for a normal lifestyle. What nobody wants to accept is that camping has nothing to do with the space you’d be positioned to camp on, but it has more to do with how well you’ve organized your trip and whether you know what exactly you need to bring to recreate the homey feeling that would make your experience recreational.

Take off your shoes

The thing about going camping that most people can’t work with, is needing to wear their shoes – all the time. You’re outside, and walking around bare foot isn’t exactly convenient for a number of reasons. One way to solve this problem is to get ground mats camping purposes specifically made for, which differ largely from an ordinary mat giving you no reason to worry about damage, dirt or having to spend a day after to clean it. These are generally multi-layered mats, mainly designed to keep dirt, mud and everything associated from entering your van, tent or RV. You can also pack it and take it with you if you want to have a picnic somewhere far from your camping site. As a basic convenience that allows you to take your shoes off, with ground mats camping gets another dimension, like you’re walking at home: barefoot.

Stop worrying about the quality of sleep

Where you position your tent matters a lot. It’s good if you have a soft, grassy surface to position it so that you find it comfortable for sitting and sleeping. But, it’s the ground, and there’s no way you can find a surface that’s just perfect for positioning a tent on it. There will always be small rocks, sticks, or grass you don’t want to damage, or ants, or anything. This would interfere with the quality of sleep and from this point on, you’d have a very, very bad camping experience. A ground mat can be the solution to this problem as well – there are types which you can use to place the tent on so that you get high quality underfoot comfort.

Finally, when you’re well rested and get the basic feeling of freedom while not being at home, you can easily get the rest of the stuff in order. Food, the fire, lighting and camping cookware are all the rest of the things you need to take care of in order to have a comfortable and real camping experience.