Network Attached Server: The Goody of the Digital Era

We live in a digital era where digital information has almost completely replaced the standard paper documentation. For this reason, every business, whether small, medium or large, needs adequate computer storage. Moreover, the storage needs to be conveniently accessible by everyone that requires to use it, it needs to be reliable and provide efficient data storage, and it has to provide adequate backup for all the files stored in it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits that Nas drives offer businesses. But they are not beneficial for businesses exclusively, you can also use them for personal use, if you work from different computers and need to have an access to your work wherever you are.


The primary usage of a Nas drive is providing more storage to the computer’s capacity. They can range in storage capacity from 100 GB to 8 or more TB. With the wide selection of options available, almost every demand can be met – from storage of video files, to huge programs for groups of people, or just creating a central server, allowing multiple users to access the extra hard drive space. Storage space is important, especially for people who think about their long-term needs, and this device addresses those needs for a group of people working in the same facility.

nas drive

Reliability And Efficient Data Transfer

Network attached servers provide a group of efficient data transfer, as well as reliable network access computers. If a computer has an unexpected outage or completely dies, a network attached server will continue running and allowing other computers to access the shared data. They also create a central hub for a group of people to share large files and folders with minimum effort. The simple drag-and-drop method into the shared network allows all computers to connect to the NAS and access the data.

Data Backup

A lot of NAS servers come with configurations which allow automatic backup of data. A copied file can exist both on an individual computer and on the server hard drive. And when you change the file on the computer, it can be changed on the server hard drive as well. This can be done either through a wireless network or a connective ethernet cable. This adds a great deal of functionality and security.

Extra Protection

NAS servers can feature encryption software, adding an extra layer of protection to your data, making it harder to breach the average computer. Moreover, anything stored on it is protected not only from outside attacks, but also from corrupted files if one of the computers and hardware malfunctions. If you accidentally spill water on your computer and damage it, the data won’t be completely lost, as it will be safely stored on the NAS. And while external computers can manipulate files, the file is still stored on the NAS, not the external computer.