Nitro Needs no Intro: Scratch Your Itch for Speed with a Nitro-Operated RC Car

Congrats! You’ve graduated from toy RC cars, and you’re moving up in the hobby world. So, what’s next? Perhaps getting your hands dirty and putting your mechanical knowledge and abilities to test? If you’re one for both tuning and driving, it may be time to open your world to nitro-gas RC cars. Yes, yes, the notorious of the bunch, promising to keep you busy during downtime and uptime.

Still, reading? Good. That means you’re seriously considering expanding your collection with a nitro remote control car despite the bad rep of being high maintenance. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, it’s a decision that “non-car people don’t get”, but you do. And if you ask me, it’s a smart decision that’ll satisfy your need for speed, performance, and of course, fun.

What Does Nitro Mean in RC Cars?

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Indeed, it needs no intro since you probably know that it’s a fuel mixture that contains nitromethane and methanol. But in this case, it’s also used to refer to the specific type of engine. Nitro engines employ glow plugs and external battery-powered glow igniters to function. The igniter heats the plug’s coil so that combustion can happen. Simple as that.

Why Is Nitro Used in RC Cars?

Because it sounds nice and smells nice. JK, there’s more to it. Buying a nitro RC car is as close to the real deal as you can get. These bad boys boast longer run times and pack more power while offering a realistic experience both in terms of performance and maintenance. With scale, yet sophisticated engines that run on real fuel—they offer quite the ride to those up for the challenge.

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How to Choose Your First Lean Mean Nitro Machine?

Before going further, let’s get one thing straight. If you’re looking for RC cars for kids, nitro isn’t the safest way to go about it. Although rarely, these engines can still catch fire and the fuel itself can be extremely poisonous if swallowed. Plus, they require more skill and maintenance which isn’t always fun for little hands to handle. With that out of the way, let’s get straight to it.

To Drift or Not to Drift?

That is the question and here’s the answer. Not to burst your bubble, but drifting isn’t easy. Of course, once you get the hang of it, it’s mad cool and fun. If you’re one for bashing around sideways, choosing a drift-specific RC car is worth every dollar. However, keep in mind that although they’re fast, these vehicles can’t compare to their drag race and touring cousins. Moreover, they aren’t built to withstand the rigours of unpaved terrains.

Not to Be a Drag

…But if you’re looking to leave your mates in the dust, a drift-specific RC vehicle won’t cut it. If you’re into competitive racing, opt for a drag or touring sports car purposefully built for speed. Again, be advised that these bad boys aren’t made for off-road adventures.

Country Roads Take Me Home

inhales West Virginiaa! If you feel at home in the rugged, rural terrains and enjoy serving mad jumps while going crazy fast, both on and off the road—buy a high-performance RC buggy or stadium truck. Wondering what’s the fastest nitro RC car in the world? It’s a stadium truck by Traxxas that goes by the name Jato 3.3. A brutally fast machine that packs extreme power, reaching 60mph in just 4.2 seconds! Interested in other top-performing nitro-powered RC cars? Keep reading!

Top Picks

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Luckily, the RC market isn’t short on nitro to fuel your passion for speed and action. To make your hunt for the perfect setup easier, check out these three epic machines down below.

TLR 1/8 8IGHT-XT/XTE 4WD RC Truggy

Combining nitro and electric in one box, the Team Losi Racing® 8IGHT-XT/XTE will show everyone you mean business. This state-of-the-art RTR truggy continues the championship-wining legacy with improvements on the drivetrain and suspension geometry and chassis layout. Easier to drive and even more difficult to beat than its predecessors the 8IGHT-XT/XTE promises unrivalled performance.

Team Associated 1/8 RC8B4 Off Road RC Buggy

If you wish to master the art of 1:8 scale off-road racing, the high-performance RC8B4 Off Road RC Buggy is up for the challenge. Building upon the heritage of its predecessors from the RC8 series, this buggy has been given the gearbox and suspension upgrades needed to dominate the tracks. It also features innovative front-end geometry for improved stability and steering through the entire steering throw.

Traxxas T-Maxx RC Monster Truck

Finishing strong with the best-selling monster truck of all time, the T-Maxx promises nothing less than epic, bashing fun. With many awards and accolades under its belt, this mighty machine sets the benchmark for off-road nitro trucks. Rugged and aggressive, not to be messed with regardless of terrain—the T-Maxx is ready to run and ready to win straight from the box.

Closing Thoughts

Serious cars, for serious enthusiasts, offering unrivalled hands-on experience. Be that as it may, it can’t go without saying that driving nitro is an expensive hobby. These “toys” neither cost, nor perform like their electric RTR counterparts, and that comes at a certain price. Equipped with state-of-the-art components offering a high level of realism, these RC vehicles can cost you a few hundred dollars and that’s without fuel, service and maintenance costs.

Not to sound discouraging, it’s certainly a one-of-a-kind experience worth every penny, just a friendly heads-up from one RC head to another. Plus, you can always turn to a specialist hobby store that offers flexible, interest-free payment options that bring the joys of RC closer to everyone. With that being said, you can now check out some of the nitro fuel RC cars for sale available in your local hobby store or online.