Nursery Mobiles: Enthrall, Stimulate And Soothe Your Baby

Baby mobile


Walking inside your house while holding your newborn in your arms is undeniably the most wholesome thing in the world. Despite being aware of what hardships a child can bring along, such as less free time, less sleep and fewer finances to spend, a parent’s love always stays true and unconditional. Loving your child is the first sign that you’ll do a good job, but there’s more to it than sugar-coating and warm hugs.

The second most important thing is the environment in which your child will grow up. In this case, for your newborn, you will be needing a nicely decorated nursery. By nicely, I don’t just mean that it should look fancy, instead, it should be set up with all the basic things your newborn will need, including other items which will encourage overall growth and development.

Now, we know that a child can grow physically, but here we will be talking about the very items that will help your newborn grow mentally and help spark up some creativity! The items of choice could be from nursery art paintings to talking dolls and as of now, the latest thing in the baby care market – baby nursery mobiles.

That being said, decorating the nursery should be your number one priority before bringing your little one home. But, how exactly can decorations affect anything and why do they matter? Let’s briefly explain.

Early Creativity Development in Your Little One

Baby playing with crib mobile


Your newborn baby will be spending most of its’ time in its’ crib inside the nursery. Everything that he’ll be seeing, hearing and touching will be all inside that room, so you can already see why choosing the right décor is a very important step in parenting. Every single item, even a teddy bear will affect the baby’s mind and perception. This is all because all of your baby’s thoughts are tightly connected to his/her senses.

Studies have shown that babies start to think more creatively even during their first year of birth. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that he will be able to draw a perfect sketch or build a big house with his legos. Instead, he will do things like putting a bowl over his head thinking it’s a hat, or bringing a spoon to his ear while imagining it’s a cell phone. All of these things mean that your baby is slowly growing up and developing his little mind.

Your job here shouldn’t be being overprotective and not letting your baby touch anything in fear of him/her getting hurt, instead, you should encourage curiosity and help your child’s creativity grow! Now, as mentioned above, for your baby to be able to see or touch things, those things have to be in the actual room. And that’s what you have to do – provide the perfect fun environment.

Cot Mobiles and Their Impact on Newborns

Baby nursery mobiles


Starting off with the most important item in the nursery – the crib. It’s your loved one’s safe place and it is crucial to have it be both comfortable and an exciting place to be in. Here’s where your decorative skills come into play. The best item you can choose to accessorize your baby’s crib is with one of the soothing baby nursery mobiles on the market.

To begin with, there are quite a few reasons why baby mobiles aren’t just a regular décor item. Having them put in your child’s field of view can do a lot for both his/her physical and mental development. Below I will be listing some of the benefits which can be associated with baby mobiles.

Strengthening the Eye Muscles and Visual Stimulation

By placing the baby mobile right above your little one, he/she just can’t help but to look at the colourful moving object. This way he is following the mobile with his/her eyes thus strengthening the eye muscles, and at the same time improving the vision by looking at the wide variety of colours on the mobile. So, this is the perfect way to develop your child’s eyesight early on.

Soothing and Calming Effects

There are mobiles for babies that can play relaxing music or even white noise. You just have to make sure that the sounds are not too loud so it won’t scare your baby. Instead, there should be quiet peaceful music that will distract your child and ease him into sleep in no time while also making sure he stays sound asleep for awhile.

Improvement in Basic Motor Skills

Other than the eye movement, if the baby gets excited, they might want to reach out and grab the mobile with their hands, therefore developing his body muscles as well. Your job here is to ensure that the baby mobile is out of reach so your baby can’t actually take it and hurt him/herself.

Educational Uses

The ideal nursery mobile will also help with the baby’s learning ability. If it’s a certain shape or form, you as a parent can teach your little one what the shape is called while also teaching him new words in the process. It also means more bonding time with your loved one!

Other Types of Nursery Decorations That Boost Creativity



Besides the baby mobiles, there are many more creativity-encouraging nursery items to choose from. Here’s a short list:

  • Child-friendly artwork;
  • Musical toys;
  • A talking doll or teddy bear to snuggle with;
  • Soft building blocks;
  • Shape sorting toys;
  • Books with nursery rhymes and poems.