Office Desk Tips: How To Increase Your Productivity

If you’re wondering if your disorganized office desk is affecting your productivity, most likely, it is. According to a research performed at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, clutter has a negative impact on our ability to stay focused and complete our tasks. The reason? All things around us can remind us of past situations and can even carry an emotional baggage. For example, a simple holiday picture of your loved ones can lead you to lose your concentration and run out of your focus wavers.

The design of the desk can also influence your productivity. If your desk features no drawers and you use the top of your desk as a filling cabinet, the mess can easily distract you. If you deal with papers on a daily basis, it is best to get a new desk, one with multiple drawers and even built-in shelves and cabinets if possible. You can find such models of office desk Australia wide.

office desk

If improving product quality is on top of your list, there are many ergonomic desk designs that feature a keyboard tray and holes to better manage networking devices and cables. In fact, these are top-selling models of office desk Australia latest consumer survey reports. By introducing ergonomics, you will not only be more efficient but will also improve the quality of your work, reduce discomfort and create a better and safer working environment.

In addition to updating your office desk, here are few tips that will help you better organize your office desk, and be more focused on producing top-quality work.

1. Throw away the pens and pencils you do not use

The less clutter you have on your desk, the more organized and productive you will be. While we tend to have one type of pen we like to use, our pen holders are often filled up with other random writing tools. If you are not going to use them, don’t feel bad about throwing them out.

2. Find a place for your personal stuff

Your phone, keys, wallet, purse, etc. should not be on top of your desk. A good place for these items is a drawer but if your desk doesn’t feature any storage, you can place your stuff under or next to your desk (a space that isn’t usable for work anyway).

3. Keep networking devices and cables out of sight

Your wireless router, cable mode, battery backup, firewall, etc., shouldn’t be on your desk. Even if you have enough space, it will still look cluttered. As mentioned previously, cutting down on clutter will help you keep your working area organized.

4. Keep the things you use the most handy

This is key to being efficient and productive. Things that you use every day should be closer than the things you use only a few times a week. While this makes sense, we often tend to arrange our desks based on aesthetics instead of usefulness. Ensuring an easy access to the things you mostly use will keep your desk organized; you will not have to move other items around which can cause clutter and make your working area look messy.

5. Ensure an easy access to files

You should be able to reach for a folder, label it and put it in your file cabinet without moving your chair or getting up. Easy filing is one of the most important things to keep an organized desk. The more effort you need to put in ordering files, the more difficult it will be stay organized.