Pet Accommodation: Home Away from Home

Pets are more than animals, they are our constant companions. Better said, they are family! They can read our facial expressions, they know when we’re happy or sad, they provide us with their loyalty, love and comfort, make us laugh, and even save our lives .

This being said, it’s no surprise we feel worried and sad at the thought of leaving them behind, whether it’s just for a day or extended period, however some situations simply can’t be avoided, and we have to stay away from them for some time even if we’d rather just take them along.

pet accommodation Perth

Thankfully, pet accommodation Perth and Australia wide can give you the peace of mind you need, leaving your furry friend in safe hands while you’re away. You might think same as most owners that it’s better for the pet to stay at home in the familiar surroundings instead of pet boarding kennels but it’s actually for the better of both you and your pet.

For one, at home, you’d have to arrange for a family member or friend to take care, and they might or might not know how to do so, and even if they do, they probably wouldn’t be in the company of your pet all the time. This means your biggest fear would be true – your pet would be alone.

The same goes for hiring a professional pet sitter to pay a visit; giving simply food and water or going for a walk occasionally isn’t enough, and this is why it would be a more stressful solution after all instead of staying at a pet accommodation Perth or Australia round facilities.

Think of it as a staycation for your furry mate, they could do with a bit of holiday too, as studies have shown . Besides, boarding kennels have staff that’s there for your pet providing supervision 24/7, which makes them somewhat like hotels.

Even if there’s a certain medical condition, you can rest assured there’d be the proper care for your beloved pet with all the medication supplied in a timely manner. Moreover, some kennels have separate play rooms where pets can have as much time off to have fun as they need, socialising with other pets, then after playtime is over, they are sent to separate rooms where they have their own personal space for a refreshing nap.

Short or long-term boarding, one thing is for sure, it’s the kind of investment that’s worth every penny. Home away from home!