Pet Shipping – How to Eliminate Stress When Traveling with Your Pet

Having a pet is great, but when it comes to travelling, they can make things much more complicated. Travelling is especially stressful for pets, so you need to do everything in your power to ensure your furry friend stays healthy and safe during the transition. Good planning and organization are crucial for all of you to enjoy your trip and have a good time. For that very reason, there are some things to bear in mind to make this happen.

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Consider your pet’s wellbeing

This is the utmost important thing to consider when planning to travel with a pet. Is your pet easily stressed? Is he frail or old? Does being in a carrier makes him anxious? Nobody knows your pet better than you, so if you think that all this would be too much for your four-legged friend, consider hiring a professional to help you take care of this entire process.

Hiring the services of professional pet shipping Australia based company will certainly bring you peace of mind. These companies have the knowledge and experience needed for making the trip less stressful for you and your pet as they handle all the travelling procedures. They are well aware of the rules are regulations of your destination and will handle the paperwork, passport and import permits for you. They provide veterinary services, quarantine if requested, they will book your flight through the most simple and direct route possible, they will flight check-in, deliver your pet and offer you with after-hours customer support.

Depending on your pet and the destination you are travelling, there will be different regulations and rules which can be very confusing for the regular Joe. This is where a reliable pet shipping Australia based company comes in very helpful. To make sure you have chosen a trustworthy one, make sure it is a member of IPATA – The International Pet and Animal Association which is dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets.

How will you travel?

Travelling by plane means that your pet will need to stay in a special kennel that is approved by the airline company. Chances are you don’t have one so you will need to buy it. If you are using pet transport services, however, you won’t have to worry about this as these companies supply airline approved kennels including a water container, funnel and a stay-dry fleece. When travelling by plane, staying in the kennel is a must so you need to train your pet to stay comfortable in the carrier. You need to encourage him to see it as a safe place where he can rest and sleep and placing his favourite treats and toys will greatly help you achieve this in this process.

Understand the risks

Different countries have different policies when it comes to vaccines and other health checks and you need to ensure you have complied with all of them. Also, before making any travel arrangements, visiting a vet is a must so that you can discuss the stability and general health of your pet. You can do this by yourself, or simply let the pet travel specialist take care of this for you.