Petrol Compressors – The Benefits of Going Pneumatic Instead of Electrical

Modern day construction work is much different than what it used to be because of the new types of equipment incorporated in the workplace. These include both the electrical and pneumatic tools that are now a common part of any industrial company’s inventory.

While electric is sufficient for most tasks, they need a power supply to keep them going. And there are times when there is no power outlet in the workplace and this is where pneumatics come in. Pneumatic tools use compressed air supplied by an air compressor and compared to their electrical counterparts they are safer to run and maintain due to their use of pressurised air to function.


Additionally, while there are air compressors that use electricity for power, there are others such as petrol compressors which are much more compact and lighter and an be easily carried to where they are needed. These are the most prevelant in road-side construction to power the jackhammers used to crack and clear pavement that is due for reconstruction. However these tools for the air compressors vary from the pneumatic nail gun for house construction and woodwork, to the pneumatic hammer for stone work. To many more that various industrial workers use every day.

There are two types of petrol compressors that are available. The first type are the static ones that are too large and heavy to be carried around and are usually used in workshops. The second type are lightweight ones that are carried to the worksite by truck, and are easily placed in the location where they are needed.

Their capacity is usually determined by the price sin the sense that static ones are more expensive but could be used longer, and the compact ones are cheaper, but have less air output. However the static compressors could also be installed in the back of a lorry or truck making them semi-portable as well.

When it comes to the parts and maintanence of the compressors it’s important to mention that there are parts such as the couplings and hoses that need to be cleaned periodically. Maintaining them requires oiling as to avoid malfunctions and loss of pressure during use, which would not be catastrophic, but would require you to refill the air compression tank making maintanence very important for prolonged use.

There’s no denying that the air compressors are a very valuble and essential piece of hardware, better suited for many of the tasks their electrical equivilents would underperform, making them the better choice for both industrial workers and DIY enthusiasts.