Photography: Enhance Your Skills & Render Worthy Every Click

Having a DSLR camera at your disposal would be of no use if you have no idea how to operate with it and use it to create photos as special as the moments you capture. For me, it was a couple of months after my first child was born when I realized how much I wanted to take professional photos of him. Moments such as the first crawling, giggling, the cute faces he makes and whatnot, may seem ordinary to most people, but to newbie mommies, they’re precious and a real treasure on their own.

So, I decided to invest in a quality camera equipment. And God was I relieved when my Nikon was delivered right at my doorstep, all brand new and ready to help me turn all the precious moments into memories I can have right in front of my eyes whenever I want to. Literally. Here’s what’s so great about my Nikon.


Motion Snapshots

One of the coolest features of Nikon DSLR cameras is their Motion Snapshot mode. It blends one second of video together with a still image, creating a unique way to view your memories. These cameras allow you even to choose a themed music as the background of the slide, and to save the files to your computer later.

Picture Controls

This feature allows you to modify the way the camera perceives colour and is accessible through the Picture Control menu. You can choose from vivid, monochrome, neutral, portrait, standard and landscape settings and change them as much as you like. Picture controls work on both video movies or still images and allow you to adjust the contrast, sharpening, saturation, brightness and hue for every following photo.

Slow-Motion and Time-Lapse

Certain Nikon COOLPIX DSLR cameras come with a slow motion feature that allows you to take and play video in slow motion. Many Nikon DSLR camera models also allow you to shoot in timed intervals, so you can assemble individual images together to create a time-lapse video (a popular way to showcase the movement of the stars in the sky).

Special Effects

It has never been easier to add fun and special effects to your photographs and videos than it is today with Nikon cameras.. Effect modes such as fisheye, miniature, and selective colour allow you to create unique and beautiful images. You can use these effects while shooting videos and still photos and are actually visible in real time, enabling you to see how your photos and videos will actually look like while shooting them. Therefore, you will no longer need to use a complicated software to add a dose of creativity to your work.

But making creative and nice photographs goes way beyond having a good camera and knowing when to take a shot. To fully enjoy their splendor and have them to look back on the good days and memories, you need to print them. It is funny how in today’s world of advanced technology, people disregard the fact that the photo they took, if not printed, is most likely to not survive. The photos posted online are only good for a certain period of time, but I want to be able to look back one day and relive these moments and remember exactly how I felt at that moment. That’s exactly why I print my photos. Yes, owning a printer and investing in ink cartridges costs money but it also enables me to go back to my happy days time and time again. Take care of your old memories and don’t forget to take snaps of the new ones.