What Are Poppers and How They Can Make You Feel


If there’s a chance to talk about certain stimulants and all the ways they can contribute to a really, really great party, it would be when the topic of discussion are poppers. To be honest, very few people know about poppers and what they actually are. Many think of them as drugs, and instantly throw away any possibility of buying poppers online or in-store. However, poppers are something completely different; believe it or not, they were initially developed as a cure for angina by a French chemist.

A short history of poppers

Back in 1844, a French chemist known as Antoine Jerome Balard experimented with amyl nitrate in his attempt to create a cure for angina. Amyl nitrate is actually a liquid, and the fumes of it had a really positive effect on blood vessels causing them to expand and with that cause the pain to subside. The cure was packed in ampoules which were supposed to ‘pop’ in order to be opened and ready for use – hence the street name of the liquid.

In 1960, amyl nitrite was replaced by nitro – glycerine tablets, since these became the most preferable treatment for angina. And since this happened, the demand for amyl nitrate declined rapidly, because it was no longer as attractive. However, manufacturers managed to find an alternative market: Vietnamese soldiers were given poppers as an antidote to gun fumes, which were considered highly poisonous.

Today, poppers are what many people consider to be the secret ingredient for creating euphoria in clubs and discos by spraying it in the air for easy inhalation.

What do poppers actually do?

You may be wondering how exactly do poppers work, and before you go buying poppers online or offline, you should know what to expect. Once the ampoule is popped, the liquid gets inhaled and it starts to produce this initial head rush that takes place in a couple of minutes. Afterwards you feel some hot sensation going all through your face and body accompanied with a little dizziness, a feeling of weirdness and a little blush on the face. However, you can’t have any negative effect from poppers like passing out (that’s common in drugs overuse), it can never actually come to that point. Another aspect of use is during sex; apparently poppers increase the sexual desire and intensify orgasms. Also they have a loosening effect on every muscle in your body causing a very relaxing feeling.

Bottom line, poppers can’t be seen as hardcore drugs because they simply don’t have that addictive nature as many other examples do. Plus, they don’t have any serious side effects on healthy users which is never the case with drugs. So, if you need something to lift you up and relax you at the same time, try poppers; it’s a good, safe and easily accessible option.