The Power of Light: Improving the Safety of Your Dangerous Construction Site

Recent advances in lighting technologies have made it much safer for construction professionals who used to rely on lanterns and flashlights by offering new and improved lighting tools and features to illuminate their way in low-light conditions. Both, new hand-held flashlights and flood lights, can be used in any environment, as they feature an unprecedented amount of safety applications and features. In this article, we’ll discuss the important role that light plays in construction sites and which type of lighting is best.

flood lights

Manufacturing, construction and other industrial sites, can be extremely unsafe for workers, so increasing the safety there is crucial. Today, thanks to LED technology, conditions have never been better. Low-quality, high heat-emitting incandescent light bulbs are now replaced by high-lumen, low-heat LED bulbs. Better yet, now you have the option to install floodlights all over the construction site as they deliver exceptional amounts of illumination which is evenly spread. You can buy flood lights online, or at an electrical supplier store.

When you’re looking to buy flood lights online, there are a few things to consider, like the beam angle, colour temperature, their energy efficiency, whether they’re dimmable, whether their housing can be adjusted, whether they can be motion activated and especially whether they come with a warranty or not. Every manufacturer should offer their product with warranty, especially since the lights will be used in tougher conditions.

However, floodlights are not your only option, as LED headlamps are also very convenient for these working conditions. They are easy to use, lightweight, and allow you to use both hands. Moreover, headlamps offer a choice between flood and spot beans for distance or close-up lighting, low and high modes, and can be powered by alkaline, ion-lithium rechargeable batteries.

Besides having the proper lighting support on the construction site, I think it should go without saying that all employees that do construction work should wear some sort of face and eye protection, such as a construction helmet and safety goggles, puncture resistant footwear, gloves that promote dexterity, and a safety harness that complies with all the worker safety regulations in your state.

As safety and light technology evolves at such a rapid pace, procurement managers have to keep up with all the newest innovations to help ensure the safety of their employees in construction and manufacturing environments. When employees are well-trained and equipped with the latest floodlights, headlamps and protection equipment, they can perform their jobs much more effectively.