Preparing for a Snow Adventure: A Little Bit of Ski Clothing

Australia is known as the hot Land Down Under, yet it’s not as hot as some might think. Sure, we have many places that lack vegetation, and we can’t say there aren’t many wildfires happening annually either, but we also have our cold days (thankfully!).

Not all of us are fans of the unbearable hot, there are those of us, me included, who would trade a summer day for winter anytime. I know, snow isn’t something associated with Australia, but we have our ski spots and resorts we pride ourselves on, like the Perisher, Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Buller, and Thredbo.

Speaking of which, now is the ideal time to start preparing for the upcoming ski season, starting from making early reservation at the resorts and purchasing ski equipment, hoping for a great deal. I don’t only refer to the skis, boots, poles, and helmet here.

When it comes to equipment basics, knowing how to dress is what it’s all about. I can’t imagine having fun when I’m freezing, can you? That’s why waterproof, breathable, insulated and comfortable mens ski pants are a must – it’s these exact properties that make specialised pants the ideal option, meaning not just any pair would do.

The same goes for the jacket, the outer and main layer protecting you from the weather. It has to be designed to block the snow and wind, keeping you warm and dry, so consider the pair of mens ski pants and jacket an investment worth every penny.

Of course, it’s about layering as much as you can too, so don’t forget the importance of good base and mid layers.


For the base, it’s best to pick long underwear, but by all means, don’t go for cotton. I’m saying this because the base layer is supposed to be moisture-wicking and provide breathability, and you’d be better off choosing bamboo instead – lightweight and tight fitting.

As for the mid layer, long-sleeve shirts and jackets are a must, particularly wool as the natural alternative to synthetics. The key, however, is in avoiding excess weight, and you’d get most from fleece in terms of movement. The reason layers are essential is in the fact they trap air between them, resulting in added warmth.

Layering covered up, it’s advisable to pay the socks, gloves and scarves the equal amount of attention.

If you want to stay warm and have an unforgettable powder adventure, then don’t look for the cheapest; buy quality. You’d stay comfortable by purchasing moisture-wicking socks, mittens and not gloves for extra warmth, and stay safe with neck warmers instead of the risk of tangling scarf accidents.