PRO2 Hdmi To Dvi Lead Best Value for the Money

Before we go into more detail about the best lead, you need to get a hold of all information you need to know on how HDMI to DVI cables work. Firstly, you probably want to send video from your computer to your TV. Many computers have DVI output, however, many TV monitors have primary each HDMI inputs. If you have DVI I or DVI D video output, then you will need good quality HDMI to DVI cable. The DVI was the standard connection format back in 1998, but after the great advancement of technology it was soon replaced by HDMI. Nevertheless, a lot of PC monitors still come with DVI ports even today. The DVI comes in a couple of modes such as DVI-D that is used only with a digital signal, DVI-A that uses analogue signal and DVI-I that uses both digital and analogue signal.

hdmi to dvi

Within the last couple of years, all TVs and computer monitors have started supporting both HDMI and DVI connections. HDMI is in fact an abbreviation that stands for high definition multimedia interface, that can transmit both video and audio signals. However, a lot of people have older laptops, or just multimedia laptops that use DVI out port. For this reason, there are special HDMI to DVI cables or converters that you can attach to your PC and TV and without a problem transfer any type of signal.

If you have an older PC or monitor and want to connect it to your HD TV, you will need good quality HDMI to DVI cable or connector. Below we will go through a brief description of the best connector that Australian retailers have to offer, so you will not waste precious time to find the most reliable and quality solution.


One of the best features of the PRO2 HDMI is that it has a DVI-D lead, which means it can transfer both audio and video signals at the same time. The 19 pink HDMI-A to DVI-D dual cable offers you the best video quality whether you are projecting a presentation, watching a movie or playing a video game on your big HD TV screen. The PRO 2 HDMI has integrated ferrite beats on both sides, so the interference effect is minimised. The manufacturers have used a gold plated copper on both ends, so it would lower the contact resistance.

Without the proper information, people make mistakes and buy cables that not only work improperly but damage their PC and TV. However, through the help of this article, you have the proper knowledge to choose the right cable and save yourself from unnecessary damages and receive good quality video and audio signal.