What Is the Purpose of Gaskets and Why are They Important for Vehicles?

4X4 Gaskets

Every 4×4 enthusiasts that owns a 4×4 wheeler, understands that anything that goes wrong with it, will almost always cost them a fortune. Hence, it’s really important for us to keep our vehicles as functional and well-maintained as possible. Traveling in Australia’s extreme climate means you’re either traveling in high humid wet areas, or extremely hot and dry deserts. Either way, your engine must be kept in great shape, if you want to make sure its longevity is prolonged.

The engine as a whole is a very complex part of the vehicle. It’s made of thousands of different parts, and 4×4 gaskets are one of them. I feel like there isn’t much being said about the gaskets, so in this article we’ll focus on the exclusively, and we’ll talk about what they are, what their purpose is and where you can find quality 4×4 gaskets that will help you keep your vehicle’s engine in check for the years to come.

Gaskets act as a seal to the cylinder inside the the engine. Simply said, it’s the lid between the piston chamber and the engine block. Gaskets are also known as head gaskets, as they’re positioned on top of the cylinder head. However, gaskets can be used for more purposes, aside from being cylinder heads. They’re typically made of steel (most durable and preferred option by many 4×4 enthusiasts), rubber, plastic and paper. Their main purpose is, you guessed it – adding safety to a point of certainty on the large and expensive parts of the vehicle, ensuring it runs safely and smoothly.

How often, and what’s your cue for changing the gaskets in your vehicle? Well, after every rough trip you’ve had, especially off-road trips that include passing through very wet (rivers, swamps, etc) or very dry (deserts) areas, thoroughly inspect your vehicle. If they’re damaged, replace them before you even thing about setting foot in your 4×4 for another extreme trip. The engine is your vehicle’s heart, and you should treat it extremely well!

Finding gaskets is extremely easy, most car dealerships have them, most aftermarket exhaust and part manufacturers have them, and you can easily get them online. Sometimes, getting an aftermarket gasket is better than getting an OEM gasket, because they often times make them from higher quality and durable materials, but with a slight price increase. Shopping online gives you the advantage of checking out many different types of gaskets and manufacturers, so that you can make the best decision possible.