Reasons to Buy The Beginner’s Bible by Kelly Pulley

The best way to introduce God to your children is through the Bible, but not the one we all know, but an illustrated children Bible. Kelly Pulley has created the impossible – a simple and yet educational children’s bible that will help your children learn about God in the best and most fun way. The Beginners Bible by Kelly Pulley has a powerful and compelling message, offering you 90 Bible stories designed for kids at the age of 6 and under.

Through pictures, they will enjoy the illustrations of Jonah praying inside the fish, Noah helping the elephant onto the ark and many more. The Beginners Bible is the perfect tool for teaching children about God and the Bible itself, as the text was created especially for young readers; also, all of the illustrations are accurate, colourful, vibrant and engaging.


This book is the perfect Christening present – it abounds with appealing pictures that are illustrated on thick pages which cannot be ripped by the small hands of your kids. If you are still hesitant whether you should buy this illustrated Bible for your kids, nephews or nieces, here are some of the reasons why you should.

Enhances Child’s Memory

When it comes to our kids, we only want the best for them, and each and every parent is doing their best to do that. When it comes to your child’s development, one of the most important things is the cognitive development and his first introduction to God. This illustrated book has the power to improve his ability to memorise important things in chronological order while introducing him to God in a fun and intriguing way.

Morality and Discipline Above All

Now that you are a parent, you are probably aware of the bad influence mass media has on children. Instead of giving your child the freedom to have an access to anything on the Internet, pamper him with this excellent Christian book and start introducing what is moral on time. Through this book, you can teach him about the good and the bad, how to make right decisions in life and how to be a good Christian from a young age.

Improves the Relationship With Your Child

When all grown up, your children will remember the happy moments with their parents, how happy they were when on a picnic, when they received the first roller skates, the warm hugs, goodnight kisses and stories from their parents. Reading stories to your kid can turn them into a memory game, creating a strong bond between you that will last for a lifetime. So be a good role model for your children and help them understand who is God and how big He is. Let them understand His glory and mercy.