Reasons to Buy Illustrated Children’s Bible

An illustrated childrens bible is a great way to both entertain and educate your child. There is nothing more fulfilling for a Christian parent to be able to transfer the knowledge in a way that the child will remember and understand; the stories from the Bible are filled with the best guidance for attaining valuable character traits, such as: sharing, caring, being patient and having faith in the divine plan of the Lord. Below, we will go over in more depth why buying an illustrated childrens Bible is the best way to start shaping the behavior of your child towards morals and discipline – traits that are a true rarity in these modern times.

illustrated childern

Enhаcing Your Child’s Memory

One of the most important things for your child’s development is his cognitive development and his first steps towards spirituality. While the child goes through the pictures and you are telling the story, you are in fact improving his ability to memorise important facts and train the brain to connect the dots in chronological order. After you’ve gone through the book once prepare for the best part, because now you can review the different stories and you can even turn it into a fun guessing game with your child – tell him to close his eyes and randomly open a page in the book and you should tell the story of that particular page and vise versa.

Teaching Morality and Discipline

The mass media and the wicked trends send the wrong messages to children, but if you start introducing moral guidance early in the childhood, your child will know what is good and what is bad. He will gain the knowledge to make the right decisions in his life, even in the most demanding hardships. In front of God, we are all judged, but a well educated Christian will always do the right thing. That is why the path of morality should start from young age and through the help of the Bible – that is the most righteous way to will fight the core inner human faults: gluttony, jealousy and dishonesty.

Strengthening the Bond with Your Child

Reading stories to your child and turning them into a memory game will create a bound that will last for a lifetime. The most important ingredient for this bound is to become a true role model for your child, meaning – put your money where your mouth is and become a moral reflection of the guidelines you are trying to transfer to your child.


Setting the basis for a generation that is growing with the moral values of the Bible is extremely crucial for the development of a functional society and better future. Therefore, as a parent, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can, as early as you can.