Relocating to Australia with Your Pet? Here’s the Info on the Process

We can’t deny Australia is the dream country for many, so it’s not at all surprising that the number of people relocating to the Land Down Under keeps on increasing.

If Australia’s outstanding health system, economic growth, exceptional study and work opportunities, laid back lifestyle, and multicultural society weren’t enough, we’re also famous for being the nation of pets, spending about $12 billion on pets per year.

Australia Pet Quarantine

We can’t say it’s surprising relocating here with your pets either – it’s practically pet heaven! However, the relocating process isn’t easy, particularly when you have to do so with pets as well, as there are things to know regarding the Australia pet quarantine. If you want to make it hassle-free, seek the help of professionals.

The process of obtaining visas sure is complex, but not as much as the laws and regulations applying to pet entry. This is so due to the measures Australia takes to avoid a number of animal diseases, as is the case with rabies, that are still present in many countries worldwide.

Along with the usual procedures of visiting a vet, carrying out medical tests, getting your pet microchipped, and ready for an import permit, there’s a great deal of paperwork you’d have to go through as well, so the Australia pet quarantine preparations go a long way.

When you come across reliable professionals, with years of experience in the area, you can count on being guided every step of the way, from your country, all the way to Australia.

From providing you with assistance from the very start with getting the import permit, quarantine, quarantine clearance, and customs clearance, to boarding or pet accommodation, and delivery to the new home, you might as well say the full service is worth the money.

Having in mind there’s only one quarantine facility in the whole of Australia (the Sydney based Eastern Creek has been closed), the Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility in Melbourne, it’s far more convenient for arrivals to be arranged at the Melbourne International Airport.

If this isn’t your intended area, then you’d also have to arrange a stay which further complicates the process as well as when the professionals with pet quarantine and clearance services can pick up your pet. As long as you consult them about the itinerary, you shouldn’t have to worry, as the process would go smoothly.

All things considered, as long as you leave matters in the hands of professionals, you’d count on a journey stress-free both for you, and your pet, knowing you have everything taken care of so you can make the most of the arrival in your new homeland.