The Risks of Not Having Your Lost or Damaged Filling Replaced on Time

Although we are all aware of the importance of proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, some of us still take oral health for granted, but the truth is that even a seemingly minor problem such as a lost filling can lead to serious dental problems. A lost filling leaves the inner layer of your tooth (the dentine) completely exposed to all kinds of damage. The dentine is very sensitive, so eating or drinking cold drinks can often be painful. Even if you don’t feel a lot of pain, this is a dental problem that requires an urgent trip to the dentist. When left untreated an exposed, the dentine can cause your tooth to become so decayed that the only solution would be tooth extraction. A missing tooth in the oral cavity can in turn lead to other serious dental problems, reduced chewing ability and gum infection, being just some of them.


Before we take a look at some other dental problems that can occur due to a lost filling, let’s first see why fillings fall out. Well, beside the fact that nearly half of all adult Australians do not brush or floss regularly, they also skip regular visits to dentists Melbourne dental surgeons reveal. Regular dental visits are required to detect any potential problems with fillings. During the dental examination, the dentist can detect issues such as decay around the filling, uneven wear or cracked spots on the filling. In all these scenarios, professional dentists Melbourne dental experts will suggest to replace the lost or damaged filling with a new one that can do a better job at protecting the structure of your natural tooth.

A lost filling not only exposes the dentine of your tooth to external influences, but also causes the pulp inside to get painfully irritated, leading to a disease known as pulpits, which can cause significant damage to your overall dental health. A filling that has fallen out, usually leaves a big hole in your tooth, where food can easily accumulate and make cleaning harder. Proper replacement with the right filling material is the best treatment for a lost filling. Patients usually choose between an amalgam and a composite filling material. The best choice for frontal teeth is a composite filling simply because it’s designed to be strong and appear very natural. Back teeth require a durable and long lasting filling material such as amalgam since they are in charge for most of the chewing.