The Road to Great Hikes Is Paved with the Right Equipment


Nothing like a weekend organized with some extreme sport activity, staying in the mountains and experiencing the “dangerous life” while admiring Nature’s finest work of art. That is probably the best way to experience freedom of mind: all you’re to think about is how to get to your final destination through the safest path and how to live through the night without being attacked by wild animals. And in the morning… in the morning you get your reward for staying alive: the view of a sunrise over the highest mountain top in the company of nothing more than the morning sound of birds. Priceless.

Aside the astonishing beauties you’d experience when you spend a weekend in the mountains, you can also test your endurance skills and give those muscles a little burden to bear. Hiking. The test for testing a man’s physical stamina, concentration levels and overall endurance on the edge of a path located in a high cliff.

Hiking is to be perceived as an adventure rather than a dangerous sport. With the proper hiking equipment essentials well packed in your bag or backpack, you won’t even think about dangers. All you’ll be concentrating on is how to get to your goal the fastest way possible. And the result? Leg muscles and a full heart! Here’s what you’d need.

All about the rope

Since hiking isn’t just walking on firm surface but also climbing some adrenaline-spiking heights, you want to pack a few extra strong ropes with you. Among the hiking equipment essentials are the little stainless steel pieces that serve to secure that rope while it holds you firmly so you can climb upwards. Think rope grips, turn-buckle eye piece and a pulley. Depending on the heights you plan on climbing, you’ll probably need more pieces to stash your equipment.

A map and a compass

Next in line by importance (at least for me) would be the navigational system that consists of a map and a working compass. It’s important to have a good and accurate map with you when you go for a trip in the mountains. With all the fresh air and the beautiful sites, you never know when you’ll lose track of where you actually are. And have in mind: having a map and a compass would be in vain if you don’t know how to use them.


First-aid supplies

You’ll be hiking and mountain climbing, which by definition are ‘extreme’ and dangerous sports. So having the first-aid kit fully stashed and ready is of the essence here.

Food and water and proper clothing

Don’t make the mistake of going hiking in just about any clothes; get proper hiking clothes which will be comfortable enough to provide you with freedom of movement and will also keep you warm. When you climb high enough on a mountain cliff, the climate becomes colder than you’d expect it to be. Normally, I shouldn’t discuss food and water. Besides the fact that you will need to satisfy your appetite, have in mind that you’d be spending a lot more calories and energy here; after all, this isn’t an ordinary walk in the park.

Finally, shelter for the night

The point of this hiking weekend is to spend a night under an open sky. All hikers usually carry a tent in their backpacks, and once they reach a suitable spot in the woods, they position it for spending the night. Add a few stainless steel pieces to the hiking equipment essentials which will help you ground the tent and keep it well put. Of course, don’t forget to light a fire so that your experience is complete and you’re kept warm during the night.