Rustic Timber Flooring: If Flooring Could Speak

Every home is the reflection of its owners. Whatever you choose to fill it with, from the choice of furniture, art pieces and decorations, to the texture for adding layers or lack of it, clutter or no clutter, it all speaks volumes about you and your personality. Such is the case also with your flooring. Though the world of flooring is vast, we can’t overlook one trend that’s everlasting – the many shades and looks of wood flooring. There are many types of wood flooring you’d stumble upon, but one that’s sweeping people off their feet is the faux wood flooring, laminate.

Rustic Timber Flooring

When it comes to laminate, there’s one type in particular that’s gaining popularity: rustic timber flooring. The reason people opt for this flooring is because it simply looks like real wood, yet it’s more advanced in a way considering it’s much easier to install it and maintain it, along with being able to enjoy it at a longer period given that it’s made to last. You can expect to find boards in a variety of colours, all with a hard and deep floor shape such as that of real sawn timber planks, the same ones of used wood.

Laminate planks usually have a V-groove on all four sides as their distinguishing mark, and you can easily install them yourself, as they have an interlocking design, even over your existing flooring which is why this is something great if you’re up for a DIY project and cutting down on extra costs.

Now then, you might ask what does rustic timber flooring say about the owners of the home it’s part of. For starter, the trend with rustic looks nowadays is the inspiration drawn from vintage factory lofts and warehouses, the result being commercial feel. This means it represents two sides of the owners: one that they’re up for following trends (or in other words, they like and are open to keeping up the pace with changes), and two: they’re still nostalgic enough and resort to the vintage style for injecting warmth at home.

Another aspect we mustn’t forget is the fact this is laminate flooring. This goes to show owners still love the charms of wood flooring, however they’re practical enough in opting for the faux wood option. They’re also being economical, since actual wood flooring can be rather expensive, both to install and to maintain. Furthermore, this flooring can easily be decorated with a nice colourful rug, and fit in every room you set your mind to, which can show you have affinities to decorate.