Security Door: Deter Any Intruders and Protect Your Home

You may be thinking, “Do I really need a security door? And don’t intruders find some covert way to break inside homes, rather then using the main entrance where everyone can see them?”. And here’s where you make a huge mistake. In reality, burglars use the front door just like everyone else. In Australia, up to 70% of breaking-and-enterings are carried out by the burglar bursting the front door open. So, what does that tell you? Still think you don’t need a good, reliable security door?

Even with the most advanced home security system, you can never be completely safe. Security alarms and cameras normally work as long as there’s a constant flow of electricity. In the event of a black out, which is very common in the aftermath of a storm, it’s only your front door stopping a burglar from getting in. Since regular doors are incredibly easy to open, the security door can be the safety barrier you home desperately needs.

The choice of a security door that’s right for you depends on the level of security you need. If you live in a neighbourhood with heavy criminal activity and a high rate of break-ins, you need maximum protection which a high-grade steel mesh security door can only provide. Fortunately, Australia has no gang violence and tough neighbourhoods, so a normal level of protection in a security door can be all you need to preserve your home’s security.

Most of the times, a standard diamond grill security door makes for a visual deterrent which can scare off any intruder from breaking into your house. It’s not that this kind of door is completely impenetrable, but it is still a strong enough barrier for a home. No burglar will spend much time trying to break in and risking getting caught. When a diamond grill security door makes it hard to get in, it’s more likely that he will move on to an easier target.

In fact, diamond grill security doors have been the traditional way of protecting the front doors of many homes and businesses for the better part of the last century and still continue to do so. And according to studies, they succeeded in deterring burglars 83% of the time. Of course, they are no match for stainless steel doors, but they still provide exceptional value for their cost. And today, a diamond grill security door can be further upgraded with a three point locking system for an even greater level of protection.

Actually, diamond grill doors are in fact made out of aluminium. They are only referred to as diamond grille because of their diamond like screen. And unlike steel, aluminium is less prone to corrosion. This means that an aluminium security door is perfectly suited to the humid Australian climate. Moreover, with aluminium you don’t have to compromise the nice look of your front door, because it gives you a wider selection of colours and patterns to choose from.