Sheds: Safely Stash Your Tools and Supplies

If you have been living in the same house for quite some time, you must have noticed how fast your storage can pile up. It’s like things keep appearing out of nowhere, and you have to make room for them somewhere in your home. Having stuff lying around doesn’t only ruin the aesthetic of your home, but it may also be dangerous, especially if you have children. Things like repair tools or paint need to be stored away and organized. But, what do you do if you don’t have a spare room or if your garage is already filled up with bikes and car tools?

Well, nowadays a very convenient way to organize your storage is by getting your own personal backyard shed. Sheds have become very popular thanks to their sustainability and spaciousness. They can be used to store all basic power tools, garden tools or pretty much anything that you can’t find a place for inside your house.

The Various Types of Tool Sheds and Their Benefits

wooden tools storage shed in garden

Sheds come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, each one bringing its own set of features and advantages. This being said, it’s important to have at least basic knowledge of them before buy a tool storage shed for your home. So, what are the different types of sheds and what do they offer?

Wooden Sheds

Unarguably, the most popular design of a backyard shed is the wood-made shed. They perfectly suit any kind of garden and make the perfect choice for your storage for a number of reasons.

First off, the best thing about wooden sheds is that they are customizable. You can paint, stain or treat your shed any way you want, making sure it looks good and blends in perfectly with your garden and backyard. If it’s windowless, you can always add a window to it yourself, since these sheds are very easy to work on. You can even customize the inside of the shed. You can add hooks or shelves where you can hang and store most of your tools.

Secondly, these sheds are made of quality wood, which is a great natural insulator. This means that wooden sheds are more likely to be cooler during the summer and warmer during winter, making them the best place to store valuable items. Another good thing is that they are very sustainable and strong.

The cons of this type of shed would be that they are a bit more expensive and very high maintenance. Besides the painting and accessorizing, you have to properly take care of the wood and make sure it doesn’t rot or get infested with insects. Setting the shed up might also require more than two people. Overall though, they do make a good choice for an outdoor tool shed.

Metal Sheds

metal tool storage shed in garden

These sheds have also been around for a long time and make a very popular choice. A metal storage shed is a great option because it is probably the most affordable one. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, this is the one to go for. Another good thing is that they are very easy to assemble and won’t require you to ask for a helping hand. Metal sheds also tend to be very low-maintenance, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on them. They are very long-lasting and robust, and if it’s good quality metal, they will also be rust and corrosion-resistant.

Now, an important thing to note is that they have to be anchored down to a solid base. If not installed properly, because of their lightweight material, they might be blown away by strong winds. They also don’t make the perfect insulators, so in extreme weather conditions, make sure you don’t store too valuable items inside them. But, overall, considering the cost, they do make a great choice for a storage place.

Plastic Sheds

plastic tool storage shed in garden

Plastic or Resin sheds are fairly new to the market. They also come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be made of different materials such as vinyl or polyethylene. There’s a good amount of reasons why they have become so popular, so let’s quickly go through the pros and also the cons of these types of sheds.

These sheds, unlike metal and wooden ones, will not rust or rot. This makes them very easy to take care of. They also don’t need to be painted and they can be cleaned easily with regular soap water. Plastic is also very weather and waterproof, so worrying about the weather conditions won’t be necessary. Plastic sheds are made that way so they can withstand and stay put for a very long time.

Besides the sustainability, they are very aesthetically pleasing and well-made. Not only will they be the perfect storage area, but they will accent your backyard as well, making it look even better than before! Setting a plastic shed will not take up your time and make you sweat, and it won’t be a budget threat!

Cons would be that they are also lightweight, and extreme winds will definitely be your enemy. Another concern might be the security of the shed. It can be locked with a padlock, but someone might choose to break in if you don’t secure it properly. Customizing it will also be a great challenge. However, they still make a good choice for storing most items.

The Takeaway

So, if you are tired of living in a mess and have always wanted to be more organized, getting the right kind of tool storage shed will do wonders for your home. Say goodbye to that messy storage room and piled-up garage. Store and organize your tools and items safely in your backyard shed and continue living chaos-free!