Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Organic Bamboo Sheets

Are you looking for sheets that are soft, comfortable and breathable? Maybe you’re tired of rashes and allergies and this time truly want to invest in something that is natural, long-lasting and beneficial for your health? If you’re nodding while reading this – it’s about time you got new sheets!

But, before you make your purchase, you should be sure you’ll invest your money in something of quality and which can guarantee a clean sleeping environment. And what better choice than 100 percent bamboo sheets? Although on the pricier side, bamboo sheets will provide you with all the benefits your skin needs.

What Is Bamboo Linen?

You may have heard that cotton is the best fabric for your linen, but once discovering bamboo linen, it will be immediately clear to you that it’s the superior choice. Organic bamboo bedding became more popular in the past few years, because of its eco-friendliness. However, bamboo is quite new so many people don’t know why or how this fabric is better than the other fabrics if they’ve never tried it.

Usually made using a mechanical method that crushes the inner woody part of the bamboo along with the leaves, bamboo fabric is commonly known as bamboo linen. There are three types of this fabric with bamboo linen having the highest amount of benefits that bamboo has to offer. Although it’s pricier than cotton, with all these benefits, it’s a smart investment that would pay off in the long run.

bamboo white sheet bedding


Comfort and Softness

We all want to sink into a soft and comfortable bed and of course, your mattress should provide most of this, but the sheets too add to these feeling. A big reason to get 100 percent bamboo sheets is that they offer softness that compares to the more expensive cashmere and silk. Organic bamboo bedding will make you feel as if you sleep on a cloud, and after a long day at work or school, this softness and comfort will help you easily relax and fall asleep quickly.


There is nothing more unpleasant and annoying than developing a rash because of your bed linen or mattress. Many people suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. This could be because of various reasons. Some people simply can’t endure certain fabrics, other people’s skin is too sensitive to fabrics like polyester or wool. To avoid this, it’s essential to pick the right bedding. Dust mites and allergens tend to ‘love’ living in your mattress and on your bedding, so if the material isn’t hypoallergenic, you’ll have a lot of troubles.

100 percent bamboo sheets that guarantee a clean and hypoallergenic sleeping environment. You might not know, but the bamboo plant has a natural resistance to insects and diseases and this allows the manufacturers to use fewer pesticides. As a result, you get toxin-free sheets without any harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin. On the other hand, fabrics that are treated with harsh chemicals like cotton and synthetics, can cause allergies and skin rashes, especially for people with sensitive skin.

In addition to getting a bed cover that protects you from the dust mites found in the mattress, bamboo linen can help you get rid of morning sniffles and watery eyes, or even worse those nasty red rashes.

girl smiling on a bed



Sleeping and sweating is not a pleasant thing, especially in the summer months. It can happen even in the colder months because of the low breathability of your bedding and mattress. Let’s say your mattress is good, but what about your bedding? Fabrics that trap your body temperature and don’t let it flow through the bed will easily make you sweat.

Sleeping in a bed that traps heat is a special kind of ‘hell’ (in the literal meaning of the word). Bamboo fabrics have natural breathability. This fabric will give you the coolness you’re looking for. And when your bed is fresh and dry you won’t have any troubles falling asleep. Forget about tossing and turning and feeling irritated due to sweating.

Naturally Cooler Temperature

With your bamboo sheet sets, you won’t have to worry about being hot either. All-natural fibres have a built-in natural thermostat that regulates the temperature. Silk, cotton and bamboo are ideal for this. However, bamboo has its thermostat turned down. This means that if you’re looking for extra cool sheets, bamboo is your fabric. They have a higher moisture absorbency than most other fabrics and can absorb moisture more efficiently, wick away sweat from your body better than any other fabric.

white bamboo bedding with decorative pillows and throws



Of course, your sheets should last for a while. The great thing about bamboo bedding is that it’s stronger than its equivalents. The fabric is lighter than other fabrics but much more durable. You can use it and wash it frequently and it will stay in excellent shape. In fact, bamboo may be the strongest material on the planet. Did you know it has greater tensile strength than steel, and it resists compression better than concrete?

Just make sure to follow the care instruction and your bamboo sheets will prove to you that you made the right purchase. Most sheets come with a standard 1-year replacement warranty from the manufacturer (although some companies offer a longer warranty period)


If you’re worried about our planet, then you’re probably trying to do something about it. Did you know that we pollute our planet with tons of clothes and fabrics every day. Although it seems odd, it is the truth. We’re consumerists who buy things we don’t need and then throw them away.
Investing in a durable fabric means that you’ll use it for a long time. This is a material made of grass and not a tree. It grows everywhere and poses no threat to the surrounding plants.

Also, it will grow back quickly after it was cut down (this isn’t the case with cotton that has to replanted after every harvest) – meaning, it won’t have any repercussions for the planet. Some bamboo species can group to 120cm per day without any pesticides. What’s more, bamboo doesn’t require a lot of water and it takes about 2-3 years to fully mature. It converts pollutants like carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen (five times better than an average tree). Isn’t that amazing?