The Simplicity of Scandinavian Style – Creating a Clean and Harmonious Home

It’s still the beginning of 2018, so most of us are still enthusiastic enough and try to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Among the most common ones is certainly the resolution to keep our homes cleaner and more organized. Because you know, a clean home boosts productivity and good mood. But sometimes, no amount of tidying up can relieve the sense of mess occupying your living space. So, instead of cleaning, why not consider de-cluttering your home the stylish way – by implementing the smart design scheme of Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian ottomans 2

Unlike many trends that come and go, the trend of simplicity has stayed with us for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And simplicity is at the core of Scandinavian style. It’s reflected in two ways – in the look of the furniture and in the overall interior design of the space. Therefore, we commonly see the main furniture pieces, like sofas and chairs, adorned with clean, simple lines, free of embellishments – which makes them sophisticated, and above all, functional.

And to go with the style’s motto “Less is more”, even additional furniture pieces which are often used as bold accents in other styles, are pared-down in Scandinavian. Take for instance Scandinavian ottomans that come in neutral colours; they are easy to blend into their surroundings, and small enough to be conveniently tucked under the coffee table when you need to get them quickly out of your way.

When it comes to introducing décor, focus on vertical space and leave horizontal space as clean as possible. This style is not very fond of décor that robs precious floor space. If you want to adorn your horizontal space in some way, consider potted plants or a few carefully chosen accent pieces that will also serve some purpose, like for example Scandinavian ottomans, console tables, or hallway benches. On the other hand, the clean white walls always welcome some sprucing up in the form of interesting wall prints or modern clocks.

The harmony in clutter-free Scandinavian interiors is further reinforced by the use of natural materials like sturdy oak or maple furniture, clean hardwood floors in a light brown colour, and wooden doors and windows which can be flung open to let in more light. Speaking of which, Scandinavian interiors are hungry for light – crisp white walls, large windows and gorgeous LED lighting fixtures – all help illuminate the space. This, together with the simplistic furniture pieces, adds up to a beautiful, clean interior design that will make your home feel fresh all year ’round.