Situations in Which Dogs Can Benefit from Footwear

While most people believe that the sole purpose of dog socks and footwear is to make a fashion statement and draw attention, in reality, dog paws do need them in certain cases. Although the thick pads on their paws and large pointy toenails allow dogs to move easily around most types of terrain, sometimes this is not enough and dogs need the added protection. So, let’s look at the situations in which when equipping your furry friend with footwear is the smart thing to do.

non slip dog socks

When Taking Care of Older Dogs

Senior dogs often have trouble moving around as their paws and back show signs of wear and tear. What’s more, some breeds can develop hip problems as time goes on. With that being said, veterinarians often advise providing elderly dogs with footwear that offers extra support and traction for moving around. The most beneficial type of footwear for older dogs is non slip dog socks. While boots and shoes can weigh down an old and frail dog, non-slip socks are lightweight and comfortable while providing the animal with just the right amount of cushioning and traction.

If Your Home Has Slippery Floors

In nature, dogs have no problem with gaining traction by flexing their paws and digging in their nails. However, at home, on hardwood floors or ceramic tiles, dog paws have trouble achieving the necessary grip. As a result, dogs can find it hard moving around these tricky areas which can lead to slips and falls. With that being said, wearing non slip dog socks at home can prevent your dog from getting injured as well as annoyed by being unable to run and constantly struggling to keep balance.

non slip socks

When Dealing with Foot Injury or Illness

Dogs are curious and love to explore different terrain. As a result, they can often receive an injury or a cut to their paws. When that happens, having shoes or socks on can help prevent further irritation to the injury, thus reducing the pain the dog experiences and allowing it to heal faster. In addition, some dogs can struggle with arthritis and find it very painful to walk around. However, you can eliminate the discomfort created by hard surfaces by equipping your dog with footwear that provides cushioning. What’s more, footwear can also prove very beneficial for dogs who have sensitive paws due to allergies or constant licking.

During Extreme Weather

Try walking around barefoot on hot asphalt or icy cold snow. It hurts, doesn’t it? Well, the same goes for dogs to. While most of the time, dogs have no trouble walking on rough outdoor terrain, but when the weather turns extremely cold or hot, their feet can experience painful discomfort and even injuries. With that being said, when walking your dog around during a hot summer day or on a snow covered surface, make sure that his/her paws are properly protected with boots that offer warmth and insulation.