Skateboard Protective Gear – Why You Need to Make Sure It’s There

skateboarding safetySkateboarding can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you are not careful. According to skateboarding experts, the secret of mastering the art of skating is to adhere to the three main important rules: safety, comfort and fun.

Having the right skateboard protective gear is one of the best ways to ensure safety while on your skateboard. Wearing a helmet and knee and elbow pads can help protect you against long-term injuries and even disability.

Helmets are the number one skateboard protective gear you ought to get. Brain injuries are quite common in skateboarding, so it is important to wear a helmet to prevent any damages to your head. While you may be tempted to borrow your little brother’s bicycling helmet to avoid buying a new one, that’s certainly not a smart option since it can put your well-being in serious risks.

Modern skateboarding helmets aren’t like old bike helmets anymore and need to meet safety strict specifications in order to be able to withstand harsh punishment over various impacts. In addition to choosing a helmet that meets the safety requirements, it is also important to select a model that fits well and comes with heavy-duty strap to maintain it affixed to your noggin.

Skateboarding helmets can be made of plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or kevlar. The most common model is the half shell, which resembles bicycle helmets shape and size wise. A full-face helmet is also available and recommended when skating downhill at high speed.

Knee pads and elbow pads are other pieces of skateboard protective gear that you can use to further improve your skateboarding experience. Regarding your skills level, getting a well-fitting and comfortable set of pads can provide you a fuzzy layer of protection against hard surfaces you will inevitably come into contact with.

While there aren’t strict specifications for these types of pads, you should make sure you’re investing in well-constructed and high-quality ones. Purchasing a set of well-fitted skateboarding pads will make your skateboarding experience less painful and much more fun. A well-fitting knee and elbow pads should not restrict your range of motion. A too tight set of pads is not only be uncomfortable to wear, but they can also limit your ability to bend your knees and move your arms.

Another important safety measure is to respect your limits. Never skate faster than what the conditions and your experience level allow. Avoid showing off, think twice before taking chances and be considerate towards other skateboarders, especially the less experienced ones.