Sleep Sweetly: Create an Inviting Look for Your Bedroom with the Right Bedding

There are a lot of things that can affect someone’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. The most common causes of insomnia and restless sleeping are stress, poor nutrition, noise, temperature variations and shift work. People that don’t sleep well often blame these factors. But there is one more thing far more important, and that’s comfortable bedding. You should really consider getting high-quality bedding if you want to start sleeping like a baby. And before you grab the first thing that comes to your hand, take a second to analyze what you’re buying.

Get to Know the Different Materials

The most common fabrics used for the creation of bedding are cotton, linen, bamboo and silk. You can come across products made from 100% pure fabrics or blends.


Cotton is the first choice of people who appreciate high-quality products. Cotton is natural and makes for bedding that’s breathable, has moisture-wicking properties, regulates temperature and is suitable to use all year round. It’s recommended even for people that have sensitive skin because it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause irritations or discomforts of any kind. Natural cotton bedding is soft to touch and a true luxury to sleep on. As per maintenance, you can wash the cotton sheets in a machine. After it dries off, it’s ready to use. You don’t have to iron it.


Linen fabric is also part of the family of luxurious bedroom sets. People that appreciate textiles of great quality often go for linen. It’s practical, looks good and feels even better. What makes linen the perfect choice for getting a good night’s sleep? It has the power to absorb a large amount of moisture (up to 20% of its weight), is breathable and keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s burning hot.

It’s also bacteria-resistant, hypoallergenic and provides a massage-like feel to your skin. Unlike other materials, linen becomes even softer with time meaning you won’t have to worry about it losing quality because it can only get better.


Bedding made from bamboo fabric is the newest trend and one highly sought-after. It’s the ultimate natural and sustainable material that adjusts to your body’s needs for you to have the best sleeping experience. There are quite a few eye-opening benefits of using bamboo. The bamboo material is even better at maintaining the perfect temperature and wicking away moisture than cotton is, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night. Often the two are merged into a blend that makes for the ideal comfort bedroom sets.


Silk on the other hand is cozy and light, super smooth and gentle to the skin. This natural material is perfect for winter because it does a great job of keeping the warmth. Then again, silk bedding is just as good for sleeping on during the hot summer night because it’s breathable and prevents you from sweating and sleeping restlessly. Silk is beneficial both for the skin and hair because it doesn’t cause friction therefore it keeps your skin smooth and prevents frizzy hair.

Pay Attention to the Thread Count

The thread count is a measurement that shows the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically into a small piece of fabric (usually in a 10sq cm fabric). In order for a material to be considered of high quality it needs to have a thread count of at least 200-400 threads, although you can come across fabrics that are listed to have 800 and 1000 threads.

You need to inspect the material properly before you purchase because the thread count is not always a guarantee for high quality. Sometimes even materials with 1000 threads don’t feel as soft and pleasant to touch as you might have expected. So, you shouldn’t leave the store before you get the best there is.

Get All the Essential Pieces

What does bedding actually consist of? A normal set usually includes fitted sheets, top sheets, pillowcases, bedspread, comforter, duvet cover, and additional covers and blankets if the weather is cold. People choose matching sets because they look good visually but also because that way everything that touches your skin is exceptionally good. Pillowcases and sheets protect the pillow and mattress from getting dirty at the same time creating a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

So, if you decided to go on a quest and get a new set from the bedding stores make sure you get everything from the list so that your bedroom looks and feels like a 5 star luxury hotel. When you think about it, you need something that’s both for practical and decorative reasons.

Consider Different Styles and Textures

Picking the right texture and style for your bedroom may be the hardest task simply because you have plenty of options to choose from and every one of the options is as good as the previous one. In the end, it depends more on your personal preference and what you want to create with the space. After all the bedroom needs to be a space in which you feel comfortable, relaxed and a place you love to spend time at.

You can go for a monochrome set in earthy tones or bold dark colours. Or if you want to keep it as simple as it gets, you can choose plain white or nude tone bedding. Then again, there are printed colourful sets for the adventurous types that will bring the bedroom alive and make it look like a magical place. For instance, you have a classic leopard print set in timber, sheets with an illustration of Australian botanicals in white and baby pink and striped bluestone sheets.

But, if you want to make things even more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, you can get bedding in contrasting colours. The colour pallets from which you can choose are phenomenal and will completely alter the space. The combination of black, light grey, light blue and pink is otherworldly and will make you never want to leave your bed again. It’s the perfect choice for someone that loves to keep thing interesting.