Small Gifts That Make a Big Impact: What’s So Special About Mugs?

If you are about to embark on the millennia-old gift-giving tradition, there is no need to spend a lot of money. Good gifts aren’t always expensive and sometimes it’s much better to go for something meaningful, rather than something expensive. All of us have people in our lives for whom we’ll buy a lot of gifts throughout the years, so – unless you are buying something for a very special occasion, like a diamond ring for an engagement  – sometimes simplicity is the best choice. Of course, mugs aren’t the most original gift but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be special and much appreciated. 


Mugs are very diverse and the options on the market are endless. This is why it’s important to find a product that is somehow meaningful. For instance, you can get a unique mug, you can get a personalised mug, a mug that reminds you of the person or has some meaning in your relationship, etc. 

Because Mugs Bring Joy

Like many other homeware products, mugs are a necessity, and they play very important roles in our lives. More than that, probably because we use them so much, many people get really attached to a mug deeming it their own. Often this is a mug they got from a dear person or a unique mug that they find beautiful. And therein lies the reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to get an artisanal mug for a loved one, an acquaintance or a co-worker, whether it’s for a holiday, a celebration or any other occasion.  

It’s very common for coffee lovers or tea lovers to have one favourite mug. Or at the very least a type of mug that they prefer – a specific shape, weight, size, thickness, colour, material, or something abstract, like “feel”. There are people that swear that coffee or tea tastes better in the mug they love. There are people that enjoy drinking from their mug so much, that for them, the perfect start of the day is having their morning coffee or other preferred beverage in their mug.

pen holder mug

While it can be easier to choose a mug for someone you know well, there is no way to be completely certain that it will become their new favourite one. This is why you should go for something special, like a handmade mug. Because when we feel that something is unique, and even more so if that something was chosen especially for us by a dear person, using it makes us feel happy. Imagine how great it would be if you know that a gift you chose for someone is something that brings joy to your friend, relative, acquaintance or partner every morning.

Because Everyone Needs Them

Sometimes it can be really difficult to buy a gift that you know will be appreciated. Most people don’t like clutter, and all of us have gifts that end up somewhere hidden in a cabinet, in a box or worse. But gifts like mugs are perfect. And, if you get someone one, there is no doubt that they will be used. Because, if you think about it, all of us use mugs many times throughout the day – in the morning to wake up, in the evening while resting, reading a book, watching a film, at work during a break, etc.


Moreover, mugs can be used everywhere. This means that even if your loved one already has a mug they use all the time at home, they can take this one at the office, and use it for coffee or tea, to bring them some joy during their work hours.

Because there are so many beautiful mugs on the market, people use them for all kinds of things. For instance, you can use unique mugs as bowls, for cooking, as pencil or art supplies holders, as planters, as decorations, for making art, and so on. In other words, when you give a lovely modern mug to someone, they may decide to use it in some way other than drinking from it. In fact, some people may prefer not using a gift like this by a dear person, to decrease the risk of dropping and breaking it. 

Because They are Always Appropriate

One of the most appealing things about mugs is that you can give one to virtually anyone. Whether you are looking for a gift for a close friend, an acquaintance, a family member, your partner an employee, a co-worker or any other person in your life, a mug is a great gift. They are also great for people of all ages and any gender.  

While bringing joy and showing appreciation is the main reason for gift-giving, gifts are a way to communicate with people, and each gift sends some kind of a message. Mugs make people happy, by holding their morning coffee, tea, chocolate milk, etc., and keeping them warm. They bring comfy warmth to your hands. They can be beautiful and they can add more style in the kitchen, or if you give them another purpose in another space. 


Plus, they are appropriate for any occasion. They can be great birthday gifts or Christmas gifts, but if you choose something special, like an artisanal mug, for instance, you can also give it for getting a new job, a house warming party, celebrating an anniversary or a milestone, graduation, or any other occasion.