Snowboarding: Info on Women’s Snowboards

Lady with a snowboard


There are all kinds of sports a woman can pick from nowadays, however when it comes to being challenged as well as having the most fun outdoors, few can compare with snowboarding. Drawing attention with the various events and competitions worldwide, it’s also very appealing when you take into consideration all the benefits it offers.

Much like skiing and skateboarding, it’s great for engaging one’s core muscles, along with burning calories without it seeming like you’re exercising as you’re having a blast down the hills. Moreover, it’s just as ideal for improving one’s flexibility, as it is for boosting the mood. Now, to be able to reap all of these benefits, a woman requires the bits and pieces of equipment, like suitable pants to stay dry and comfortable on the slopes.

But this isn’t all there is to your gear shopping – starting from the basic of basic, you’d also have to choose the adequate sturdy and eye-catching ladies snowboard. Having in mind the specialised stores have a wide assortment of designs, from a wide range of brands, as a beginner into the sport you may find it confusing when looking for the first one. Hopefully using our info on what’s important to focus on when browsing through the options would save you from unnecessary hassle and headache.

Choose the Size Based on Length and Width

Ladies snowboard


Gone are the days when women’s snowboard designs were merely sized down men’s snowboards with girly colours and patterns on them – nowadays the companies create women-specific models that are typical for their softer flexes and thinner profiles.

When choosing from the vast array, same as when shopping for the perfect skateboard deck, the size is the first and foremost aspect that deserves the attention. And, to get to the right size, you need to look into length and width.


When deciding on the ideal length, the old rule says you should get a ladies snowboard that comes between your chin or nose when you stand right next to it, however there’s far more detailing required to be able to make the right choice. For instance, your weight is one of the crucial aspects you must consider.

It might seem less important, however, your weight will have a say in how your board feels when you’re out in the snow. When you buy a snowboard that’s longer for your weight, you won’t be able to control and turn properly because you can’t apply the needed pressure, whereas when you buy one that’s shorter for your weight, it would affect the board’s stability.


This specific property also has a say in how well you’d be able to ride the board. Should you get a womens snowboard that’s not wide enough and your boots extend over the edge, the chances you’d fall are pretty high – especially during hard turns. To make sure you choose correctly, it’s important that the boots hang just slightly over the edges when you extend the toes and heels, though not too far over.

Consider Your Ability

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Yet another key aspect, depending on your riding style and ability specifically, you also get to pick the proper ladies snowboard. Beginner snowboarders don’t have the same requirements as riding enthusiasts at an intermediate level, and professionals. Simply put, if you want to improve your riding experience, you have to be honest about your abilities.

Taking this into account, when you’re a beginner you need the kind of board that would make it easier to manoeuvre and turn as you go down the hills and slopes, which is what you get from shorter designs. Now, as you progress with your skills, you’d also find this type handy when riding at terrain parks because it offers you a great deal more fun as you make your way.

As for the longer boards, they’re particularly useful for speedy rides at rough terrains because they’re more stable when you’re doing all the jumps, hits and laps. This is a great pick both for freestyle rides at the parks, as well as freeriding at the mountains.

Don’t Overlook the Types

Women's snowboard


There are basically two types of snowboards for women you can pick from: the camber, and the rocker. The difference between them is in the profile, and there’s a distinction in the way it affects the rides. The camber is the type with older technology considering it appeared in the 1980s, while the rocker counterpart, also known as the early rise, and reverse camber, is relatively new.


Typical for the longer effective edge, its arch is between the bindings at the centre, and as such it provides great response. In this aspect, it’s perfect for mastering powerful turns through thick snow with edge stability even at high speed.


Famous for the upward curves at the tip and the tail, and the shorter effective edge, it’s ideal for those riders who are looking for extra floating when making it through the powder. Allowing you more manoeuvrability, it’s a perfect pick if you’re mainly into jibbing and rail rides.

If you’re indecisive between the two, and want the best of both, i.e. the speed and edge of camber, and the increase in float of the rocker, then you might be up for acquiring the hybrid – the combo of the two.