Spotless Floors Every Time: How a Floor Sweeper Scrubber Ensures Optimal Cleaning Results

We may not think about them a lot, but floors are the main features of a building, and as such they go through a great deal of wear and tear – more so when it’s the case with floors of industrial facilities and commercial premises. This could be a warehouse, manufacturing hall, retail or convenience store where multiple visitors pass by day after day.

Taking care of their cleanliness is of the essence in maintaining the whole area aesthetically pleasing, as well as safe to use without having to fear any slips or accidents. As it happens, due to the load of traffic such floorings can take, it’s not always easy to keep them spotless the traditional way with a simple mop and bucket combo. This is where an efficient and easy-to-use floor sweeper scrubber comes in handy with the impressive operating system that’s also easy to use and allows you to customise your cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Floor Scrubbers?


If reducing manual labour and increasing productivity are the main areas you want to improve with your business, rest assured making this investment is going to be of help with both. Available as mere auto sweepers, auto scrubbers, and a mixture of sweeper and scrubber tools, you’d be able to keep the floors in top condition in an instant with such versatile machinery. More specifically, you can benefit from:

Easier Cleaning Process

Just because it’s a machine we’re talking about doesn’t mean it’s anything too complex to operate. The latest designs of floor sweeper scrubber models come with operating systems created to be very user-friendly, so you don’t have to waste precious time understanding how they work, but in a jiffy give them the commands you require to keep the premises squeaky clean.

This is true for both the push and ride-on models, but still, to make matters simpler for the staff, it’s advisable to do a little demonstration after welcoming such tools in your company to ensure everyone’s well-informed and would be able to use the cleaner as well as it’s meant to be used.

Greater Cleaning Efficiency

Not everyone may want to hear that a machine could be more efficient than manual labour, but these tools have the power to remove some pretty stubborn stains that would otherwise require a great deal of elbow grease, resulting in more time-consuming cleaning practices and more employee tiredness.

With the right settings for water spraying, combined with adequate chemicals, you’d be amazed by the cleaning magic an auto sweeper and scrubber can do. No grime, grease, or dirt is a match for this kind of top-notch machinery which isn’t to say of the good old mop and bucket combo.

Reduced Drying Time

Cleaning time isn’t just time-consuming at times, but also annoying when you see the “wet floors” signs added and you have to just wait it out before you can safely use them again or risk a slip and fall when you simply don’t have the luxury of waiting. Well, with an auto sweeper plus scrubber, you won’t ever have to go through this inconvenience because they’re created to use only as much water as necessary to remove the stains, which leads to must faster drying time. Clean and safe floors ready to use in no time.

How to Choose the Ideal Floor Sweeper Scrubber for You?


The versatile machine it is, there are many options available at the specialised retailers so it’s best to know what it is you need prior to going shopping. Basically, you can make the choice focusing on basic factors like:


The operational panel is important for easy and smooth cleaning, but so is the design itself. This is where you’ll have to consider whether you prefer the manual push model or the ride-on machine, as the two basic options. If you have a smaller area to cover, then the more affordable manual push option shouldn’t be a problem, whereas the more expensive ride-on alternative is perfect for those large areas where it’s not so easy to go on foot even if the sweeping and scrubbing functions are automatic.

When you’re dealing with a large area, yet can’t afford to buy the ride-on model, there’s a third option called the stand-on scrubber. The added benefit, besides the lower price with this one, is that it’s somewhat smaller in design so it can go to places the ride-on counterpart can’t, such as a lift.


You have to decide whether you prefer a battery-operated sweeper scrubber for sale or the one with an extension cord. Each comes with its own perks, so it’s up to you to weigh in the pros and cons you’re willing to work with. The battery operated is perfect for offering you utmost flexibility with where you take the cleaner, without any socket in sight, but it can stop working once the battery is a drainer. The one with the extension cord isn’t that flexible but it has continuous operating power.


Here, it’s important to consider the machine and tank sizes. The machine can be pretty bulky, especially if you choose one of the ride-on designs, which is a drawback if you don’t have that much storage space or need to cover floor areas that are tight. The tank size is equally important as it has to do with the capacity for storing water and chemicals, so keep the requirements and floor space in mind when choosing.


A busy warehouse may not require low levels of noise from machinery, but a hospital or daycare facility needs all the peace. Be sure to look into the noise levels of the chosen design before you actually buy if quiet operation is of the essence.

Brush Head

With this factor, you have two options: the disc and the cylindrical brushes. The first is the cheaper of the two, but it needs the floors to be pre-swept before it can be used, whereas the latter is perfect to use right away. The disc brush heads can remove marks of wax, while the cylindrical ones can clean floors even if they have cracks and grout lines.