Starting up a Bakery: Info on The Necessary Tools

It’s no secret, we Australians love to eat out, and while this means we like our restaurants and cafés, it also means we like our bakeries. It might not seem so, yet all it takes is a look at the big numbers, like the bread market valuing up to $4.7 billion, for you to see it sure is a lot. It’s profitable, but also competitive.

bread proover

Perhaps this is what you needed to reassure you to join up the bread industry, opening up your own bakery. If so, kudos to you, however along with the courage to undertake this path, you have to know your investments, especially the large ones, like the bread proover.

What makes proovers important equipment pieces? Well, they are designed for dough proofing which is why they have controlled conditions, and can store fresh or frozen breads, buns, pastries, pies, rolls and similar products on their stainless steel cabinets. It’s a design with independent heat and humidity.

Available in a variety of brands, sizes and models, it depends on your baking needs to decide which bread proover makes the ideal choice for you, as well as your budget. If you’re looking for some handy features, the proofing stop is one of them, allowing you more control and scheduling baking up to three hours.

It’s needless to say ovens make an essential part, but efficiency is something you would have to choose to guide you in the purchase, deciding over traditional or convection. Just have in mind, convection has circulating air which is how they cook evenly, and this itself might help you choose them, despite the initial cost being higher than that of the traditional.

Regardless of the size of your bakery, at one point or another, you’d get the need for a dough mixer because it’s impossible to keep up the pace all on your own, without the help of machinery. Whether small amount of dough or large, these tools are going to be your helping hand when making those savoury baked goods that would keep the customers coming in.

In case you need to master the dough thickness to perfection, you can always rely on the sheeters. They make ideal when making cakes, proving to be essential for the production of fondant.

Yes, it won’t come out exactly cheap to include the necessary tools in your bakery, but one thing is for sure, they are the investment that pays off, as they save up time and produce more, so you get quality and quantity, and logically, the profits are also bigger. Think long-term!