Steps to Upgrade SSD For Macbook Pro Retina

One thing that every Macbook owner knows is that in terms of speed and performance your machine will never let you down, but there is one thing that will go slow in time and that is the SSD. While there are a lot of third-party manufacturers there, OWC and Transcend are the best known so far. Whether this is your urgent need, or you are here just for the info, this is a a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your beloved laptop with an Apple approved SSD for Macbook Pro Retina with great durability and possibilities.

The upgrade process usually takes about 15 minutes. These steps can be used for 2011 and 2012 Macbook Pro retina and it is highly recommended to use proper anti-static precautions while performing the upgrade.

SSD For Macbook Pro Retina

Shut down and unplug the MacBook Pro and put it on a clean and safe surface. The first thing you will need to do is to close your MacBook Pro and flip it over. On the bottom, there are 10 five-point Torx screws. There are two centre screws on the hinge edge are a little bit shorter than the others and you should remove them first and keep them at a separate location. Afterwards, you may remove the eight remaining screws. Once all the screws have been removed, you can lift the rear cover and put it aside.

The next thing you should do is detach the battery connection, which is located in the middle underneath the plastic cover. You can easily remove the cover by gently lifting it up. Underneath the plastic, there are three Torx T screws which all need to be removed. The third screw has a thick barrel which holds the plastic cover that protects the fourth screw which also needs to be removed. After you have removed this screw, you can easily separate the assembly from the logic board and disconnect the battery. You now may lift the drive ribbon cable connector to detach it from the logic board. Finally, remove the drive carrier by pushing in on the centre handle so it comes loose from the Macbook Pro and lift the entire carrier up and out of the computer. After that, put the SSD module on the anti-static surface. To remove the module, you will first need to remove the Torx T screw that is located on upper left corner. Afterwards, lift the fire end of the module using your SSD kit tool and gently pull the drive out of its slot.

On the OWC drive there is a notch which lines up with the pin in the drive carrier sloth. Line them carefully and slide them together until they are fully seated. Then press down on the far side of the aura. The next thing you should do is take the screw and secure it in the same place you removed it from earlier. Angle the drive carrier into its base so that the solid end goes in first. Press the centre handle to align the tabs on the outer edge an d then release them to lock it in place. You can now connect the drive ribbon cable by aligning the connectors and push them together. Replace all the screws to attach the supply as it was aforementioned. Set the plastic cover back and press down until it clips securely. Next, take the two shortest screws first and then put the other ones. You may now flip your MacBook Pro and turn it on.

You are now probably amazed in regard to how easy it is to change your SSD For Macbook Pro Retina and gain that extra speed and memory. Apple offers you the best technology in the world and the only thing that you need to do is keep it serviced and upgrade your SSD with faster capabilities.