Street-Style Savvy Tips on How to Look Fashionable When Wearing a Hat

With winter in its full light, the accessory that adds most wintery charm to our street style and official outfits, is the hat. Along with protecting your head and hair from the cold, a fancy, warm winter hat is a great addition to a winter style wrapping up your entire vision. So according to your style, requirements and preferences, what kinds of hats should you have in your closet? Or maybe, it’s a good option to have one from all types and make smart combos? After all, that’s the point of street styling, right?

When it comes to buying hats for women, you should know that this is a rather large category. There’s the all-times beanie which in most cases is knitted, the winter fedora hats which all ladies love, the cowboy winter hats and many, many more. For women who adore accessories, a store with a rich offer of hats for women is a real paradise.

The most important question: how do you wear them?
Every hat type is to be worn with various outfits and in various occasions. You can’t wear a beanie with Loubotins and a pencil skirt just like you can’t wear a fancy fedora with a tracksuit. There are rules.

The beanie


The beanie is generally seen as a sporty, kind of casual type of accessory. Therefore, you’d combine it with anything from a jeans, blouse, a jacket and boots combo, to a completely sporty one. However, there are some really fancy beanies out there, made of fine knit and expensive details which makes them a sub category of their own; these are to be worn with casual high heels or boots on heels.

The fedora

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For all the classy yet stylish fashionistas – the fedora is what you’re looking for. Winter fedoras are made of a soft material, very cosy on the touch, but strong enough for making a sturdy hat stay on your head. These are the perfect addition to a fancy outfit and they are so good to be worn with either high heels or chic boots on high heels.

The fancy wide brim hat

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This is the type of hat designed for ladies who are wearing their Loubotins all day long, pencil skirts and white shirts, red lipstick and expensive perfumes. Yes, the classy, elegant looking ladies who need to maintain a certain power look everywhere they show up. The wide brim hat winter edition is made of soft, warm material, opposite to the one designed for hot summer days on the beach. Mainly found in darker shades like black, brown or grey and the all-timer beige, the wide brim hat is perfect if you need to complement your elegant day or even night vision.