Sunglasses Lenses: The Importance of Regularly Replacing the Lenses

If you love to spend your time outdoors and like to engage in different outdoor recreational activities such as biking, jogging, hiking, sea kayaking and many more, it is essential to protect your eyes. The eyes are one of the most complex organs we have and sight is a pivotal sense. If you have healthy eyes and good vision, you can fully enjoy the beauty of life.

However, when it comes to eyewear, it is often associated with fashion and style and eye protection is not on most people’s list of priorities. Finding the right frames for your face shape is important, but protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun during summer months is crucial. So, if you want to look stylish and protect your eyes from UV light, you need good bolle lenses.

Bolle Sunglass Lenses


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UV radiation from the sun causes damage to our skin and eyes. Fortunately, a good pair of quality sunglasses can prevent the damage while you are enjoying your time outside and doing your favourite sports activities. If you put emphasis on the health of your eyes, it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate sunglasses for your needs. If you have a pair of bolle sunglasses, you already know how comfortable and durable they are and what the benefits of looking through bolle sunglass lenses are.

However, no matter what kind of sunglasses you have, changing their lenses once in a while is very important. You don’t have to give a fortune to buy a new pair of sunglasses every time you damage your lenses, instead you can opt for quality bolle lenses that guarantee maximum UV block-out and can protect your eyes anywhere you go. Let’s see why it’s important to maintain maximum UV protection and protect our eyes from other outside conditions too.

Protect Your Eyes From UV Radiation and Other Outside Conditions


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If you expose your eyes to too much UV radiation over a short period of time, you can get a painful eye condition called photokeratitis which is related to a sunburn of the cornea and conjunctiva. Some of the symptoms include red eyes, pain, tearing, light sensitivity and a gritty sensation in the eyes which are common conditions in people who spend a lot of time skiing or boating without sunglasses.

Apart from this condition, prolonged sun exposure may lead to other long-term problems and that is why it is recommended to wear sunglasses all year long. Wearing bolle sunglass lenses can help prevent a lot of eye-health issues including cataracts, macular degeneration, abnormal growth in the eyes called Pterygium and skin cancer around the eyes.

However, good quality lenses, such as bolle sunglass lenses, can provide you up to 99% UV protection thanks to the anti reflective coating that absorbs and reflects UV radiation. There are different types of bolle sunglass lenses that you can choose for your frames and that will make all the difference in how well a pair of sunglasses will work for your needs.

Anti Reflective Bolle Lenses

The anti reflective coating strengthens scratch resistance and combined with anti static coating it can prevent dust from sticking to the lens. It also has a water-repellent property that prevents water from staying on the lens and it’s easy to clean too. Anti reflective coating lenses are also perfectly transparent and they transmit 99% of light. Some anti reflective coatings provide the best overall UV protection by reducing the amount of reflected UV from the back of your lenses. These type of lenses are most suitable for water and snow sports because they prevent the reflection of the bright light from water and snow into your eyes.

Bolle Modulator Lenses

If you haven’t noticed, light conditions are constantly changing in our environment. Bolle modulator lenses adopt to these changing conditions by utilizing active cell technology that works on a molecular level to lighten and darken lenses so you can get the optimal light transmission in the environment you are in. These type of lenses have become very popular in the past few years so today you can find different types of bolle modulator lenses depending on your needs. Modulator lenses can be also found in polycarbonate lenses.

Bolle Polycarbonate Lenses

These type of lenses should protect you from more than the bright sun. They are made from premium-grade resin that makes lenses 20 times more impact-resistant than glass lenses and are three times lighter. They also have unrivalled optical precision and clarity.

There are two types of polycarbonate lenses – polycarbonate polarized lenses which are strong polycarbonate lenses with hydrophobic external coating. The other ones are regular polycarbonate lenses that set the standard for safety due to their strength and provide great optical clarity.

Polarized Bolle Lenses

These type of lenses reduce glare reflected off surfaces thus making images clearer and sharper. They are great for light sensitive people, patient after cataract surgery and people who are constantly exposed to bright sunlight through windows. Most of the polarized lenses provide UV protection which is very important to keep your eyes healthy.

Why Is Important To Change Your Lenses?


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Did you know that no matter how quality your lenses are, they become less effective over a period of time? A research has shown that after two years regularly wearing the same sunglasses, lenses may not maintain the same level of protection. So, if you spend a lot of time outdoors exposing your sunglasses to the sun, their protective pigments might become ineffective very soon. Also, the protection level of lenses can decrease due to scratches.

But not all scratches are visible. There may be invisible tiny abrasions that you cannot see with bare eyes and that is why changing your lenses now and then will benefit your eyes. However, the right time for you to get bolle replacement lenses will depend on how frequently you wear your sunglasses and how often they are exposed to sun.

Lastly, it is very important to choose lenses that completely cover your eyes, like bolle sunglass lenses, to prevent entry of UV rays from areas that are partly covered. As you make your choice for lenses this season, think carefully about purchasing the most effective lenses for your eyes needs.