SUV Upgrades: 9 Performance-Enhancing Accessories for Your Ford Territory

Ford left a lasting legacy in Australian automotive history, with nameplates like the Falcon and Ranger becoming household names. The Territory might not have the appeal of these two cars, but was nevertheless a local success story that lasted 12 years. This was the Blue Oval’s first and last attempt at a completely homegrown SUV, tailored to Australian tastes and conditions.

Engineers based the car on the solid underpinnings of the Falcon, with a detuned Barra engine, and seating for 5 or 7. The latter 2.7-litre diesel variant was particularly popular as it offered substantially better fuel consumption and loads of torque for towing. The 180 thousand units with different engine and trim options were sold until the company closed its doors at the Broadmeadows plant in 2016.

With second-hand prices now at a fraction of newer cars, buyers are snapping up the car and the wide range of Ford Territory accessories to meet individual needs. High on the shopping list is a selection of exterior and interior protection, more loading space with a well-appointed roof rack, key towing accessories, and parts that get the most out of the petrol and diesel engines on tarmac and light trails.

Protecting Your Territory

Ford Territory with accessories

Bull and Nudge Bars

Most drivers won’t be taking the Territory off-road, so there’s little need for a fully-appointed bull bar. Instead, nudge bars are a good compromise, dealing with minor road debris and keeping engine parts safe during collisions or parking mishaps. The majority are made of high-tensile alloys, being much lighter than steel variants and not prone to rusting, so they keep their good looks for longer.


Territory owners who seldom leave the tarmac can skip bull and nudge bars altogether and instead choose more practical protective parts that are also cheaper buys. Weatherhields optioned in durable acrylic keep away rain while letting in some needed fresh air with the windows down. They also prevent water beading in heavy downpours and protect the interior from excessive heat with the Territory parked. Look for variants that increase visibility, reduce wind buffeting, are easy to install, and add some visual appeal.

Bonnet and Headlight Protectors

Bonnet protectors are Ford Territory aftermarket accessories that shield the car from stones and other road nasties that can chip the paintwork or crack the windscreen. They also keep the windscreen free from insects, so they increase visibility and keep your vehicle clean.

Another bonus is the additional aerodynamic effect of redirecting oncoming air. Most are made of the same materials used in weather shields (reinforced acrylics), are lightweight, come in transparent or tinted options, and are easily installed with no drilling needed.

Headlight protectors are another practical accessory, keeping the lights shielded in all driving conditions, so no expensive replacements are needed to covers, lens arrays or bulbs. They too are quick to install, fitting the car with removable mechanical fasteners. Both protective extras are easy to maintain and wash.

Keeping the Interior Spotless

Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Seat covers prevent stains and spills, keep away dust and grime, and reduce daily wear and tear in the seat cloth. Go for universal covers as a low-cost option, or custom-fit Territory variants to get the best fit, free from slippage, wrinkling, and hassle when they need to come off for cleaning.

Materials abound, ranging from comfy and stylish neoprene covers, hard-wearing canvas, or durable yet affordable polyester and Nylon variants. All do a good job at hiding previous damage to the seats and add more comfort with padding in the right places. Look for covers that work with airbags, and extras like matching console covers and head and armrests in all rows.

Complement the look with matching floor mats. These Ford territory accessories protect the carpet underlay from liquids, dirt, mud and anything you pick up from the street. Rubber mats have proven to be the most durable and engineered to prevent contaminants from spreading. Drivers can also choose carpet, vinyl, PVC and other materials for the look they’re after while still meeting budgets. Go with custom-fit mats to prevent slipping, and ensure they are an easy fit.

Safer Towing

Ford Territory towing a caravan

The Territory has a 2700-kilo towing capacity, so it can easily lug a full-sized caravan at the back. This needs to be connected with a rated tow bar, and preferably hooked up with independent electronic braking. At the front, use compatible manual or electronic towing mirrors when towing trailers and caravans. These provide the visibility you’ll need when negotiating turns and bends, and when backing up.

Mirrors come in different styles and designs, from mirror-mounted types that clamp or strap onto factory mirrors, or bulkier door-mounted mirrors that offer a bigger view to the back. Territory owners can also opt for towing mirror replacements to get the best visibility and stability at higher speeds. All have a folding function, with electronically operated mirrors offering convenience, but at a price.

Increase Space with Roof Racks

Racks are a necessity to better distribute weight and keep the SUV’s boot free for items you want protected from the elements. Keeping bulkier items on the roof, such as the range of cooking and camping essentials, is also needed for visibility and safety, without obstructing the view in any direction. Passenger comfort also plays a part, even in the 7-seater car.

Look for lightweight yet durable aluminium racks in platform or basket designs. Both types should come with compatible mounting hardware, fitting to roof channels or raised crossbars. When buying, observe the Territory’s loading capacity and get a rack to match.