Tablet Cases: Prevent Damage and Excess Dust and Dirt

Although when a tablet first appeared on the market, analyst predicted a not so favourable future for this ‘cross between notebook and PC’ gadget, over the years it proved to be a very useful device. Aside from unlimited capabilities, it is reliable, functional, portable and affordable. To make it even more convenient, there is a plethora of accessories. However, none is more essential than a tablet case.

laptop cases

You can can either get one directly from the store you’ve purchased your tablet from or buy tablet cases from online retailers. Keep in mind that online shopping offers you a better opportunity to compare various models and brands than brick and mortar stores that may also be limited in the models and designs they offer and have in stock.

Although an inexpensive investment, a tablet or iPad case can make wonders for your tablet. It will prevent excess dirt and dust from sticking to the screen or keyboard of the tablet as well as protect the tablet from extensive damage in case it is dropped. If you tend to toss your tablet in a bag or purse, it can quickly get covered in lint. Plus, when not handled with care, the screen can easily get scratched. Hence, investing in a tablet case is the best way to protect your device.

There is a wide range of models, from cases that look like bookbindings to simple folders that hold the tablet; cases that zip around to cases that have chunky buttons a latch fits over; cases made of real leather to cases made of synthetic material. Here are few of the most popular brands.


Pelican holds a reputation for the toughest Polymer injection molded tablet cases in the world. Their tablet cases are tested to military specifications, meaning they can survive multiple drops and resist water and momentary immersion. Featuring elastomeric copolymer rubber interior, their cases are able to absorb shock and impact screen protection.


Moleskin is a brand well known for its journals and schedulers that have also become famous with the launch of its tablet cases. The company’s latest design is the Lego pattern, which beyond quality is also fun and great for young ones.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is popular for her wild colours and quilted patterns. The brand also makes cases for tablets that can stand alone or match an accompanying purse. While the brand is more suited to female customers, it can also be used by young children as the colours are so wild and vivid.

Regardless of the size of your tablet, you will find tablet cases designed for all sizes and shapes. Your personal needs and preferences will dictate the model you choose. But remember, the main purpose is to protect your device against everyday wear and tear.