Teak Outdoor Furniture: The Things You Need to Know Before Buying

When outdoor furniture is concerned, teak is an all-time favourite due to its exceptional durability and rich look. Teak is a very dense type of wood which can boast with a high content of rubber and oils which act as natural weatherproof seal, protecting it from water, insects, and rot. When this material is transformed into furnishings, the result is beautiful pieces that can last year after year. Although facts say that teak is perfect for outdoor areas, there’s still a lot more to learn before you go buying. For instance, here are some important things to consider when on the lookout for teak outdoor furniture.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Versatile Beauty

Teak has a natural shine and unique texture which cannot be found in other woods. Moreover, it comes in several rich finishes which can give plenty of charm to any teak outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, benches, or sounloungers. Unfinished teak furniture will turn a silvery grey over time. Some people love this because it gives a certain rustic feel. If you like the thought of it, sit back and relax in your teak furnishings – they will start to grey after a few months. On the other hand, some people prefer to buy pre-weathered teak which has already received its silvery grey colour. The advantage of this is that you can choose your matching accent pieces knowing that the colour won’t change. However, if you want your outdoor furniture to preserve its golden brown shine, consider sealants to prevent the weathering process.

Is It Easy to Care For?

Considering furniture materials, teak requires the least amount of maintenance. Cleaning it once a year to remove some accumulated dust and dirt can prove to be enough for maintaining the fresh look. This is something anyone can do with the help of a bristle brush and some diluted household cleanser. Based on the finish you’ve chosen, ask your furniture supplier which detergent you should use. But of course, outdoor furniture is bound to gain some stains over time. Hosting an outdoor party, or just having lunch out in the open can result in stains from red wine or salad dressing on your precious teak table. In those unfortunate cases, its good to have a special teak cleanser to remove the stain without any problem. For extreme staining, or when there’s a nasty scratch, some mild sanding can bring teak back to its spotless glory.

What About Price?

This question must have been on your mind from the very start. Teak has a luxurious look, lasts for years on end, and requires only a minimal amount of care. All of these are desirable characteristics in outdoor furniture which naturally help drive up the price of teak. If you want an outdoor lounging piece that will serve you well for many years to come – teak ticks all the boxes! However, if you move quite a lot and cannot bring any outdoor furnishings with you to your new place, perhaps teak might not be the best option after all.