Top Reasons Why Teak Is the Best Hardwood Option for Your Poolside Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture may appear similar to many of your favourite patio pieces at first glance, but this type of hardwood is anything but ordinary! Native to South and Southeast Asia, particularly India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Burma, as time passed and the wood became widely available, people started using it primarily for ship construction because of its durability and resistance properties. However, nowadays, teak wood is used for various purposes, including boat construction, outdoor and indoor furniture, frames, carvings, and more.

Reasons to Invest In a Teak Outdoor Furniture 

Quality and Durable

Outdoor furniture is challenging to maintain because it’s subjected to various weather conditions throughout the year. For instance, popular Lafuma Recliners can be a functional and affordable seating option, but when it comes to furniture, most people want high-quality items that will last for many years. Thanks to its tight grain, high oil content, and high tensile strength, when purchasing a teak pool chaise loungeyou’ll get a premium quality piece of outdoor furniture that can withstand any weather for years to come.

Besides its durability, one of the most frustrating things about outdoor furniture is how the weather affects it. While it may appear new when placed outside, the sun and other weather conditions will quickly age it. However, this is not the case with teak outdoor furniture. Because of its natural oils, wood is naturally weather-resistant, whether exposed to direct sunlight, rain, or snow. Natural oils exist in all woods and help to protect the tree. 

teak pool chaise lounge

Except for teak, most trees lose their oils when they are cut down and processed. Teak retains its natural oils and resins, which protect it from the elements. These oils and resins are great bug repellents and weather protection, so you can enjoy your time outside while laying on your favourite teak pool chaise lounge without worrying about annoying pests!

Low Maintenance

Another advantage when opting for teak furniture for your poolside is low maintenance. Dust, dirt, and other stains on the wood can be removed with a simple mild soap and water solution. Rinse it with clean water afterwards. And, if you’re having trouble with tough stains like grease, use a teak cleaner to softly lift it and leave your wood looking clean and new. 

Believe it or not, you can damage the natural beauty of your teak outdoor furniture by overcleaning it. We recommend cleaning your furniture once a year, either at the end of the fall or the beginning of the spring, depending on your climate. However, if you live in a dusty or humid climate, you may want to clean your teak wood more frequently to keep the exposed surfaces free of mildew.

Impeccable Craftsmanship & Design

Since not all teak furniture is created equal, it’s critical to know the different teak grades available before purchasing.
To begin with, you have a Grade A teak. This is the highest quality available, as the name implies. This wood comes from the heart of a fully grown teak tree and is rich in natural oils, giving it a lovely, glossy finish. 

Second, there’s Grade B teak. The main distinction between this grade and the Grade A option is that it is made from the tree’s outer heartwood. Grade B is also lighter and less glossy in appearance.

Finally, Grade C teak is also available. This wood comes from the outside of a teak tree and is less expensive than Grade A and Grade B. It will also require more maintenance in general. 

teak pool chaise lounge furniture

In addition to understanding the different grades, it’s critical to avoid furniture that has been patched with other materials. Some manufacturers, for example, add pine or oak to the furniture’s edges. Keep in mind that teak is a naturally beautiful and long-lasting wood. So, it doesn’t have to be mixed with anything else to appear stunning. 

Natural Aging Process

As your teak outdoor furniture ages, the colour will shift from the natural warm honey tone of new wood to a silvery grey. Although there’s little you can do to completely prevent this, you can extend the life of the original colour by applying an oil or sealer to the wood’s surface regularly.

The teak oil mixes Linseed oil, mineral spirits, and varnish. It will give you almost immediate results and restore the warm golden glow of tired-looking wood. On the other hand, teak oil can wear off after a month or two. To keep your furniture looking new during the summer, you’ll need to apply teak oil regularly.

A better way to keep your teak outdoor furniture looking new is to apply a teak sealer once a year, preferably after cleaning. Teak sealers prevent moisture and colour from evaporating from the wood and fungus, mould, and mildew from growing on the surface.

How to Properly Look After Your Teak Furniture

While teak outdoor furniture can be left outside in the winter without harming the wood, allowing snow to accumulate on the surface may encourage mildew growth. If you live in an area where significant snowfall is common, it’s best to cover the furniture toward the end of the season or store it indoors until the weather improves. You can skip the work and leave your teak outdoor furniture if you live in a climate where significant snowfall is rare, and it is warm enough to sit outside all year.