The Benefits of Using Motorbike Covers

If you’re a motorcycle owner, I’m sure you take care of your ride as if it were a baby. You probably polish it and park it safely as to make sure that there’s no scratch or dent on it. You may also have invested in a bunch of accessories that not only increase your bike’s performance but also make it look powerful as well. While all these things work perfectly fine, another thing you shouldn’t overlook is getting a motorcycle cover.

Although many motorcycle owners skip on this very basic accessory, motorbike covers offer multiple benefits – even if your bike isn’t exactly new and you have spent several years riding it. In other words, if you haven’t got one, it’s never too late. Here some great reasons why a motorbike cover can benefit your precious ride.

Motorbike Cover

Keep the Paint Fresh Longer

We all love that shiny, polished look of a freshly painted motorcycle. However, some factors can deteriorate the paint job. While your riding your bike can expose it to harsh weather from wind, rain and UV rays, these aren’t a major issue in small doses. However, if you often the bike parked in direct sunlight or rain or store it outside without protection, its finish can gradually become damaged. UV rays can fade the colour, especially red, water can leave stain marks and wind can blow objects like twigs or stones against the bike, potentially scratching the paint. So, if you want to preserve your bike’s immaculate look, getting a motorcycle cover is the best solution. There are many motorbike covers on the market that are waterproof and offer UV protection.

Protect It While Stored Away

Even if you have a a garage that can protect your bike from the outside elements, there still the need to protect it from the conditions inside the garage as well. Considering how most garages are dark spaces with a great deal of humidity, a motorcycle cover can help prevent condensation and mould from building up on your bike.

What’s more, a cover will also keep the dust away from your bike while it’s stored away for the winter. You may think “What damage can a little dust do, anyway?”. Well, although dust can be easily rinsed of with water, preventing it from accumulating on your bike is important. Especially around the engine, electric circuits, brakes and chains where it can affect their performance and cause them to deteriorate. And adding water can only make things worse for these sensitive bike parts. Considering this, a motorcycle cover can help keep your bike running like new, and as an added benefit – you won’t need to clean your bike when you remove the cover.

Make It Less Attractive to Potential Thieves

Another benefit of using a motorbike cover is that it reduce the chances that your bike becomes the target of thieves. Keeping your bike anonymous by hiding it under a cover won’t attract people’s attention as much as seeing a shiny, expensive exterior will do. As a result, you can have peace of mind that your precious ride is less likely to become stolen.