The Best 4×4 Accessories to Make Your Toyota Prado Ready for Off-Roading

In the world of cars, most people are after affordability, reliability, and safety with convenience trailing behind. There are carmakers that offer that with their range of vehicles, and the perfect example of that is Toyota. Toyota does not only make reliable and affordable cars but they also make vehicles that don’t pollute as much and include the newest technologies. Furthermore, Toyota vehicles are considered some of the safest cars on the market and they come with a plethora of features to make your driving easier and as autonomous as possible.

The same goes for one of their more robust vehicles, the Prado. The Prado is the ultimate 4×4 alongside the Toyota’s Hilux since it has a robust powertrain which makes the vehicle compatible for both city driving and off-road use. If you plan on exploring and surviving the great outdoors with your Prado, you’ll need to acquire some Toyota Prado 4×4 accessories to help make your adventure in the wild a safe and convenient one.

Must-Have 4×4 Accessories

toyota prado parts and accessories

Roof Rack

If you want to go off-roading with your Prado and pack as much as you want for your trip to be complete, then you should consider installing roof racks. Roof racks are Toyota Prado aftermarket accessories that will allow you to have extra storage space for all your gear and equipment. This storage space is on top of your Prado, which is why you should only put items that can withstand the rigours of the elements. This way, you will also free up more space in your passenger cabin, making the trip more comfortable for everyone that tags along.

Bash Plates

To keep vital components safe on your off-raiding trip, you need to mount a bash plate on your Prado. Why a bash plate you may ask? Because this type of protection goes on the undercarriage of your Prado and it keeps components such as your exhaust and differential safe from rocks and flying debris. Steel bash plates are your best option in this case since they are strong and offer the greatest level of protection.

Brush Bars

Similar to another type of Toyota Prado aftermarket accessories called bullbars, brush bars provide protection for the front of your 4×4. Frontal impacts can be quite a nuisance not only for your Prado but for you as well. This is why installing a proper set of brush bars will help keep animal collisions and other impacts from trees, rocks and even big brushes away from the windshield. Brush bars also keep internal components, such as the radiator safe from external factors.


To keep the elements from making your trip less convenient it’s important to install a pair of weather shields on the front side windows. Weathershields, or rain guards as they’re also called, are long pieces of plastic that go either in the channel of your windows or stick on top of the door frame. They provide just enough protection to keep rain from entering the vehicle while letting cool air enter. This way, you don’t have to use the AC to cool down which helps you save on fuel consumption and bring back some power to your Prado.

toyota prado 4x4 accessories


Water is dangerous for both the outside and inside of your Prado, with the latter being mainly the case. Water can cause corrosion and quite a few other issues to components, most notably the engine. A snorkel can help since it moves the air intake higher up away from water. This way, the engine gets cleaner and cooler air which also helps make it run more efficiently.

Throttle Controller

Another great way to make your Prado run more efficiently is with the use of a throttle controller. These Toyota Prado 4WD accessories are made to control the air-fuel mixture with the help of electric signals. The benefit here is that your Prado will use fuel more economically without losing on performance. You will either get the same performance levels with lower fuel consumption or an improvement in performance with the same fuel consumption as before. The biggest benefit of throttle controllers is experienced when towing, as the throttle controller can provide a boost in acceleration. On the flip side, the throttle controller can slow down acceleration when you need to get out of a bog, preventing your tyres from turning in the mud.

UHF Radio

To stay connected with your mates or at least with civilisation while in the vast outback, you need to equip your Prado with a UHF radio. An ultra-high-frequency radio can literally save your life. You can explore a remote area without worrying if you will get stranded all alone. If that happens, you just use the UHF radio to call someone for help and you can go home safely. Where a phone doesn’t have a signal, a UHF radio can easily help you transmit a message or let you have a chat with your mate while exploring an unknown area.