The Bum Bag: Hunters’ Best Way to Carry Essentials

Bum bags were first worn in the middle ages and back then they were more of a pouch attached to a person’s belt. The modern design of bum bags was created back in 1962 by an Aussie – Melba Stone. The design of modern waist bags didn’t become popular until the 80s and it recently became a high-end fashion accessory. You’d think that bum bags are only for the hip guys and gals but nowadays there are designs made for hunting needs too.

Why Is It Called a Bum Bag?

While in the US the popular term used to be fanny pack, to avoid using the offensive word, people started calling it a bum bag. This is because they are worn above the buttocks.

What to Carry in a Hunting Bum Bag

Flagging Tape

This type of tape is important for marking an area that has been covered when searching for game. Flagging tape is also used in emergency situations to mark your location or to mark blood trails. Orange and pink are the most vibrant colours used for marking when hunting, just make sure you recover all your markings once you’re done so you don’t confuse other hunters.


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Although you already have maps on your GPS device and smartphone, it’s always smart to have a good old compass in your bum bag. Batteries can run out and devices can encounter issues, software or hardware related, whereas a compass won’t need to be recharged.

Additional Magazines

You may be hitting bullseye at the shooting range, but when you are out in the wild things change as there are a lot more factors that can affect your shooting. To prevent running out of rounds in a crucial moment make sure you have some additional magazines in your waist pouch bag.


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While you can’t pack all your food in a waist pack, you can surely fit granola bars, dried fruits, cheese or bagels. Snacks are important when hunting so make sure you bring light to carry, but high-protein foods with you.

First Aid Items

A whole medical kit may not fit in a hunting waist pack, but essential first aid supplies will. Items like gauze bandages, medical tape, a tourniquet, antiseptics, insect repellent, tweezers and antibiotic cream can easily fit and be within arm’s reach.

What to Look for in a Hunting Bum Bag


While a bum bag should be small, they can also be larger. Don’t let the extra storage fool you as later on when you go hunting the weight will pull you down. Go for a light bag instead that won’t add a lot of weight when it’s full.


A portable bag needs to have less storage options but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a waist pouch that can accommodate at least a few different types of equipment. While a heavy bag is a no-no, one with a magazine holder or a dedicated space for your phone or GPS device is a must. Bags with more pockets are going to be more practical but not that useful when it comes to being mobile.


A useful waist pouch bag is one that suits the type of hunter you are. It all depends on whether you like to hunt with as much gear as possible or with just a scope and a predator hunting torch. For those of you who want to pack as much as possible ,getting a bag with a shoulder strap is best since these provide more storage.

water resistant bag

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A water resistant bag can prevent moisture and drizzle from entering, but a waterproof bag will keep the items inside safe from rain and they’ll stay dry even if the bag goes under water..


For a pack that will last you a long time and stay in good shape during its lifespan you’ll need to consider the material it’s made of. These materials are usually nylon, leather and canvas. Polyester is a good material too but it is not as rugged. In addition, it makes a swishing sound when you rub it against something. This is important when hunting as you don’t want an animal to hear you when sneaking up to it.

When it comes to being quiet, the quality of the zippers should be considered too. Look for materials that have been stitched together and not glued as they stand the test of time better. Those made of plastic are going to make a lot more noise than zippers made of stainless steel which are also a great option when it comes to corrosion resistance.